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T: Ladies and gentlemen!
Ch:200 motels
T: 200 motels.. Life on the road.
From: Vladimir Sovetov (
  It seems that an explanation of Mr. Rance Muhammitz heavy german accent can be found on various bootleg tracks of Flo'n'Eddie era. Here goes the prince of boots... The Swiss Cheese :-)
From: Johannes Labisch <>
And addressed them formaly
With the little song in Deutsch
Because that is the way he talks whenever it's heavy business

Take it away God

Gib zu mir
Etwas Fußbodenbelag
Unter diesem fetten, fließenden Sofa
  So if we remember that Rance Muhammitz is just one of the Devil's many names we must admit that accordingly to FZ model of Heaven and Hell the mother tongue of the angels should be deutsch! Ich bin Maroon !!!!!!!
  Or may be Yiddish which is even funnier. Here is possible clue from Them Or Us (The Book) play's cast
  Shemp - Yiddish Gypsy Alchemist who is a.k.a. Rance Muhammitz.
  BTW, in accordance with the same sourse the name of the devil is Old Zircon

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