What Will This Evening Bring Me This Morning

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A succulent fat one!
A mod little flat one,
maybe a hot one (to give me the
maybe a freak who gets off with a strap.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  On Chunga's Revenge this hot one was from Minneapolis ( see Road Ladies ), on Joe's Garage roman catholic pussy christened Carmenita Scarfone ( Catholic Girls ) :-)))))))))))
From: Bruce Lowenthal (
  No, No [it's not just VD]. There's a danger of missing some CCC with this error. Since the mid 16th century, the clap has been specific in English to gonorrhoea (the final o is missing in standard US spelling), the disease caused by the bacterium _Neisseria gonorrhoeae_. The clap is not to be confused with syphilis (the pox, the French pox, the Spanish pox etc). Conceptual continuity comes in a number of levels with the clap. First there's the delightful percussion piece (remember FZ started with drums) on Chunga's Revenge. Second, note that _N gonorrhoeae_ is a spherical bacterium, ie a coccus shape, hence called the gonococcus. And its symptoms include a burning sensation on urinating. It can also spread and infect the testes: ie 'Why does it hurt when I pee' on Joe's Garage referring to the 'gono-co-co coccus' that makes 'my balls feel like a pair of maracas'. Third, since World War I there has been a triad of 'crabs, cooties and the clap' (US and others soldiers did the vectoring around the world) which obviously continued in the groupie world that FZ got into in the late '60s. One of his biog's reports (from Pamela Z, I think) that FZ caught crabs (ie pubic lice). Who knows about the other two, but there are several references to cooties (body lice in general) in addition to the clap.

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