Holding The Group Back

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FZ: Then, from out of the corner of the stage, comes Roy Ralph Estrada,
perturbed at the present situation within the Mothers
  Note about Roy's Irone Pope' stage attire (as seen in the UM movie)
From: Bew Watson NDPP, p.525
  "In 1968 Roy Estrada dressed up as the Pope and distributed Smarties in mockery of papal decrees against the [birth-control] pills."
  Pope banned their usage for Catholics just a few weeks prior to the Royal Festival Hall concert
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ROY: Domino... Domino... Domino bizbo... Domino bizbo... Amen...
Domino bizbo... Hallellujah... eeh...
IAN: Et cum spiritu tuo
Dominus vobiscum
Et cum spiritu tuo
  For more clues check out
  Father O'Blivion. APOSTROPHE(')
  The Mammy Nuns. THING-FISH
ROY: Ian, I don't think I'm qualified for the Mothers
FZ: They're making up their lines as they go along, isn't it thrilling?
IAN: Why, Roy?
ROY: Because I don't think I'm qualified, I think... I
think I'm holding the group back because I'm a Mexican!
And also because I don't play bass good!
  According to some Bunk Gardner' interview [Necessity Is..] this were the very same words that Roy used to say about himself in a real life. And very often.
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IAN: I don't believe you can sing
ROY: Aw, please! Aw... Ian... please,
hear my plea! Please, Ian!
Ple-e-e-e-ase! I can do it! Give me a chance! Please, please, Ian!
FZ: Try him!
  Very popular phrase in a doo-wop world.
  Check out also Electric Aunt Jemima. UNCLE MEAT
ROY: Mi mi mi miiii...

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