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Hold it!
Hold it!
BUNK: Hey, put that down!
DON: Silence, you fools! Don't you believe in progress?
BUNK: Take that progress and stick it under a rock!
He have to!
DON: We must overthrow the
diatonic system
From: "Lewis Saul"
  Dia (two) tonic (keys) -- meaning music which operates on the traditional Major-Minor system of scales and chords (as OPPOSED to the "whole-tone system" or the "chromatic system." [The former is based on WHOLE steps, the latter on HALF steps...]
  Don Preston's comment [I think it was Don?] about "overthrowing" the diatonic system means that he wants his music to jump beyond the 19th century ideal of preserving key relationships...
  Starting with the Viennese Three [Schoenberg, Webern and Berg] -- the diatonic system is indeed OVERTHROWN!!! Serial -- or 12-tone -- music is dependent only on a certain type of repetition of ALL 12 notes in the CHROMATIC scale! This revolution in music literally OVERTHREW the old diatonic system!
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FZ: Yes
IAN: Bullshit
DON: We're coming to the beginning of a new era,
wherein the development of
the inner self would be the most important factor
IAN: Donnie, your music is full of shit, and besides that it ain't
DON: Listen...
BUNK: Give me
From: "Lewis Saul"
  Obvious, I think. The plain, simple rhythmic cadence of music in "common" or 4/4 -- time... [as opposed to Zappa's 5's, 7's and 11's!!!]
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ART: Togetherness
IAN: Yeah!
BUNK: Some old melodies
DON: Look... Playing...
IAN: Put on a tie!
DON: Playing that kind of music, and eating meat... will never... you'll
never be able to see my aura then
ART: I've seen your
aura a lot 'n I think it stinks
  There is a plenty of this aura that stinks in 200 Motels movie dialogs. It also funny re-surfaced later in a Dinah-Moe-Hummm variation of the basic theme
Kiss my aura...Dora...'s real angora
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DON: It's got to be new, it's got to progress, it's got to evolve.
There must be growth!
: Oh, man... my goodness
DON: You've got to eat
macrobiotic food...
From: "David Wilcher"
  Here's a definition from
  "Macrobiotics is a modern holistic system of nutrition and exercise rooted in the ancient Chinese food science called Food Energetics. Macrobiotic practice is a practical system based upon daily cooking of health meals, energetic exercise, self-massage and restful meditation. Macrobiotics is a lifelong practice of food and its influence on human physical health, spritual and emotional well-being."
From: Stu Mark
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  I doubt just one thing that the system is modern. Here is a quote from dusty David Dalton's article "The Rolling Stones Circus"
  "At 8:00 in the evening there is a break for dinner. The canteen is filled with bizarre Fellini-like scenes. An enormous strong man dressed like Ali Baba is devouring his dinner next to a motley group of Stones. John [Lennon] asking if they serve macrobiotic food in the restaurant, and inebriated barmaid telling Moon he's had enough."
  So it was very trendy to went macrobiotic (and doing yoga exercises) right in the year of MOI '68 London concert. Good. Anyway, now we know at least that it doesn't suppose to go along well with Burnt Weenie Sandwiches! So fuck it:-))
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FZ: We're doing a play
DON: ... and study astrology! Delve into the occult world...
IAN: Well you can delve all you want but
we're formin' a new group... go...
go and do you some yoga exercises
DON: Look...
  Here is a small real life comments from Uncle Meat movie as was transcribed by Román García Albertos
  0:10:44 "The plot said that the group broke up"
  DON: [...] the plot said that the group broke up... that was the first time the group broke up...
  MOTORHEAD: No, they broke up twice at the Garrick
  DON: Oh, yeah
  MOTORHEAD: In fact everybody quit twice a week... that... that was the average for everybody quiting
  DON: Ha ha ha...
  MOTORHEAD: Twice a week...
  DON: Really, [...]
  MOTORHEAD: Depends [...]
  DON: The... the group kind of like it's breaking up and Ian wanna play classical music, and, so he got Bunk and Art play with him, and then... uh... Jimmy Carl Black wanted to look like Jimi Hendrix and get laid
  For more of this check out 200 Motels movie

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