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From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Here is a quote from Greg Russo's book. p.157
  The "Prologue" uses extracts from the first (Grave allegro molto e con brio) and third (Rondo [allegro]) movements of Mozart's "Piano Sonata #8 C minor, Op.13" ("Pathetique").
From: "Lewis Saul"
  Did Russo say that???!!! The "Pathetique" is by Beethoven...
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Exactly, I just re-typed his own words.
From: "Lewis Saul"
  Yeah -- Ian plays Mozart -- but DEFINITELY **NOT** the "Pathetique" -- Opus 13, which was written by BEETHOVEN, not Mozart.
  The only comment I might make is that I think Frank was trying to provide the maximum CONSTRAST between his "zany" ballet and the stiff, regimented, and society-polite music of Mozart...
From: "Lewis Saul"
  By the way -- I can't find my original notes where I actually did figure out which Mozart sonata this is -- but I know several things for certain right now:
  1) Mozart's music does NOT use opus numbers -- all his works are marked by a number which is preceded by a "K." [for Koechel, I think...]
  2) Mozart's Sonata No. 8 (K. 310) is in A Minor...
  3) When I refer to the "Pathetique" as being by Beethoven, of course I'm thinking piano sonata...which IS Opus 13 in C Minor! I don't recall a Beethoven quote in AOTT, but I could be mistaken. If I am, could someone please point out the time reference???
  4) It occurs to me that maybe Greg is referring to the TCHAIKOVSKY "Pathetique" (symphony, #6) which is in fact quoted in AOTT [and Weasels] -- which is in B Minor and DOES have an opus number -- Opus 74...
  5) See how confusing Frank makes our lives?
  6) It's dark outside and it's dark inside and my heart it cries why don't I...

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