Any Kind Of Pain

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She has moves up now;
She's come a long way --
They give her bunches
Of words she can say!

When she's in a bold mood,
Confinement Loaf" sounds good --
From: (Michael Martak)
  CNN ran a story on that, as FZ said on the album.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  On the LP, not on the CD, FZ himself explained the meaning of C.L. in introduction to DICKIE'S SUCH AN ASSHOLE
From: (Doron Zifrony)
  For those of you without the introduction that explains what "confinement loaf" is, there it is:
  Confinement loaf is apparently a bean by-product that is beeing administered to problematic prisoners. A ration of a troubled prisoner is a slice of confinement loaf and a glass of water. Apparently, this seems to mellow them down.
  After introducing the Confinement Loaf, FZ asks: How long will it be before confinement loaf will find its way to US high schools?
From: laham@Milori.CCIT.Arizona.EDU (Darrell Laham)
  From the previous explanation from Ike W., it sounds to me like C-loaf was used as an afterthought, probably only for 1 or a couple of shows. So what originally sounded good to our heroine when in a bold mood?
From: (Todd Poynor)
  On a bootleg also named "Broadway the Hard Way" (not the official release), the lyric, "sodomy", is sung here. However, it's accented in a way that still has a "fill in the blank" flavor to it, so maybe this lyric changed alot.
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  On another bootleg, it's "tunafish". Again, this sounds like an instance of lyric mutation. What does it say in the tour book?
From: (Eric Pepke)
  In actual fact, confinement loaf does not contain drugs but is merely exceptionally bland and boring. It is also served without utensils. It was proposed that it be served to unruly inmates as a punishment, but this ran into constitutional problems. Apparently, food that doesn't taste very good is considered either cruel or unusual.
  I am STILL looking for the recipe for confinement loaf which appeared in the local paper back in the 80's.
From: Evil Bob <>
  Although I have never myself been a guest at "La Casa Grande" (or "The Greybar Hotel", or just plain JAIL), I hear that there are several versions of "Confinement Loaf" under different names here and there. The one I heard of before I heard of "Confinement Loaf" is a Special Concoction called "Jute Ball". This vile substance is created from the leftovers of the other inmates, scraped together and compacted into a ball of "stuff" that is then served with water to troublesome inmates.

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