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  Acknowledgement 3-Nov-1997
  Introduction (what does the album title mean?) 27-Oct-1997
1.   Elvis Has Just Left The Building 3-Mar-1998
2.   Planet Of The Baritone Women 27-Oct-1997
3.   Any Kind Of Pain 27-Oct-1997
4.   Dickie's Such An Asshole 27-Sep-2001
5.   When The Lie's So Big 27-Oct-1997
6.   Rhymin' Man 27-Oct-1997
7.   Promiscuous 27-Oct-1997
8.   The Untouchables 27-Oct-1997
9.   Why Don't You Like Me? 13-Jul-2001
10.   Bacon Fat 3-Mar-1998
11.   Stolen Moments 3-Mar-1998
12.   Murder By Numbers 27-Oct-1997
13.   Jezebel Boy 30-Jul-2001
14.   Outside Now 27-Oct-1997
15.   Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel 3-Mar-1998
16.   What Kind Of Girl? 3-Mar-1998
17.   Jesus Thinks You're A Jerk 3-Mar-1998

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