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The Surgeon General, Doctor Koop
S'posed to give you all the poop
From: "Michael Zielesny" <>
  PLAYBOY: You also assailed former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop in a song.
  ZAPPA: HBO ran something like "Dr. Koop Answers Your Questions About AIDS." On it, I saw him explain how AIDS got from the green monkey to the human population. He speculated about a native who wanted to eat a green monkey, who skinned it, cut his finger and some of the green monkey's blood got into his blood. The next thing you know, you have this blood-to-blood transmission of the disease. I mean, this is awful fucking thin. It's right up there with Grimm's Fairy Tales. And Koop was such a cartoon character with that uniform and everything. Before Ronald Reagan, when did you ever see a surgeon general dressed up like the guy in the Katzenjammer Kids?
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But when he's with P.M.R.C.
The poop he's scoopin'
Amazes me
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  " mid-1985, a Washington, D.C.-based antirock committee called the Parents Music Resource Center was gathering steam. The PMRC was formed to combat what it deemed "blatant explicit lyric content" in rock records. Among the PMRC's founder was Tipper Gore, wife of Tennessee Senator Albert Gore; Susan Baker, wife of Treasury Secretary James Baker; Georgei Packwood, and Nancy Thurmond, wife of South Carolina Senator Strom Thurmond. These women's spouses are relevant information because it was their political clout that that was at least partially responsible for the group's ability to get a September 19 Senate Commerce Committee hearing scheduled on deleterious effects of rock music on its listeners.
  The ultimate goal of the PMRC was to institute a rating system that would alert parents to what the committee heard as offensive material. At the Senate hearing, an unlikely trio of pop stars - Frank Zappa, John Denver, and Dee Snider (lead singer of Twisted Sisters) - testified against any such rating system."
  Rock of Ages. The Rolling Stones History of Rock and Roll. p.619
  The voices of mentioned Senate hearing participants are an essential part of Porn Wars on Frank Zappa Meets the Mothers of Prevention album.
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  There is also a chapter in "The Real Frank Zappa Book" about Dr. Koop and the "Porn Wars".
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C-Span showed him, all dressed up
From: (Cliff Heller)
  A cable [TV channel] (costs extra $$) network that is dedicated to washington news.
From: (Deus Ex Machina)
  C-Span is a TV channel that shows debates in Congress.
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In his phoney Doctor God get-up
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  A pseudo-military uniform with epaulets. "What is he, the admiral of health?"--Frank Zappa
From: (Cliff Heller)
  He wore a very gaudy admiral's uniform - white with big gold epaulets and lots of decorations. Supposedly it is the proper uniform for the Surgeon General, however before Koop no Surgeon General was ever a public figure.
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He looked in the camera and fixed his specs
'N gave a little lecture
'Bout anal sex

Is Doctor Koop a man to trust?
It seems at least that Reagan must
(But Ron's a trusting sort of guy --
He trusts
Ed Meese
I wonder why?)
From: Chris Smith at Indiana University <>
  Reagan-era Attorney General indicted for lying to Congress
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The A.M.A. has just got caught
From: (Cliff Heller)
  American Medical Associaion. Basically the doctor's lobby (political voice).
For doin' stuff it shouldn't ought

Surgeon General? What's the deal?
Is your epidemic real?
Are you leaving something out?
Something we can't talk about?
A little green monkey over there
Kills a million people?
  See Playboy Interview excerpt above

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