Stolen Moments

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Trumpet solo by Walt Fowler
From: (Robert Garvey)
  ["Stolen Moments"] is an Oliver Nelson tune, one of ten or twelve FZ picked out on a Castaway's Choice radio program first broadcast in 1988 on NPR. Frank cited it as one of the few jazz tunes that had appeal for him over the years. It has a nice trumpet solo.
From: Michael Bell <>
  Stolen Moments is pretty much a jazz standard. I am sure its been recorded dozens of times. I used to play it in my high school jazz band.
From: (gregory david newton)
  I don't know if it's the _original_ version but you'll find it along with five other great Nelson tunes on "Blues and the Abstract Truth" on MCA Impulse. The album was originally released in the early 1960s; it features a great band that included Eric Dolphy, Freddie Hubbard, and Bill Evans among others. I have it on CD from '86 (mediocre remastering job is a bit disappointing). It should be fairly easy to find at any music emporium with a decent or better jazz selection.
From: (Kevin M. Madigan)
  There is an album by Eddie Lockjaw Davis titled Stolen Moments, which has an excellent cover of the title track, featuring, among others, Eric Dolphy.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Interesting to note that according to 88' audio-diary of Mike Keneally another jazz standard that was rehearsed during the tour was Charles Mingus' Goodye Pork Pie Hat

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