The Little House I Used To Live In

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From: (Ulf Sundin)
  On _Burnt Weeny Sandwich_ after _Little House I Used To Live In_ Zappa announces that they will try to perform _Brown Shoes..._ (if the audience keep quiet) but it sound like an empty promise. It's not an easy piece to perform live...
From: "Peter de B. Harrington" <>
  I have a copy of BSDMI by the 1968 band from a show (in London?). So it was probably indeed performed, but I guess Zappa thought Valerie would fit nicely with WPLJ to finish off the album.
From: Pat Buzby <>
  I would have guessed this before too, Recently I got a tape from Bologna in August '73 (in the same period as Piquantique, from BTB 1), in which the encore is "Brown Shoes," sung entirely by FZ and George Duke. This was quite a surprise.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Also "Brown Shoes..." at full-live-swing:-))) could be heard on BTB I. disc ANYWAY THE WIND BLOWS. (Paris. Feb 24, 1979)
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Everebody in this room is wearing a uniform
and don'k kid yourself
  In accordance with Michael Gray (Mother! p.113, p.117 ) it was said from the stage of Royal Albert Hall, London, May, 6 1969 when a section of audience objected to security uniforms being in the hall.
  See also Biffy's treatise on the musical theme permutations

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