Valerie (Jackie & the Starlites)

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Oh no-o-o-o
You don't want me no more
Oh, but it's alright, alright with me
Cause you kno-o-o-o-ow
You're gonna want me someday
Oh you will want me and I'll run away
Valarie, Valarie
  Here is some nice words about this songs said by FZ himself transribed for your pleasure by (Patric David Neve)
  "Now we got desperate a few months ago and eh because we thougth nobody liked us. And eh we're also pissed of at the fact that people won't play our records on the radio, and we didn't know whether or not it was cause or music was crappy our because somebody really knew what the words to the songs meant. So they couldn't . . . So they wouldn't take a chance. So we came to the conclusion that actually all it was was a conspiracy against the Mothers Of Invention because were supposedly so dirty, vile and crazy and also a threat to our great nation and all that it has stood for in the past and we hope it will not continue to stand for in the future . . . However boys and girls . . . The people who run the radiostations are on the watch, you know, for our records, you know when they come in since somebody sends a single to the radio stations with our name on it they either melt it, break it, stomp on it or send it in an envelop directly back to the record company from which it came with a threathening note. But we said: What the heck why can't we be just like other teen-age rock & roll bands outside of the fact that we're all over thirty and go and cut a single record and try and get the sucker on the radio . . . So what we did was we went into a professional recording studio in New York City in the middle of the night for two nights in a row and also a saturday afternoon for mixing and cranked out two miserable teen-age type records with words that couldn't possibly offend anybody and eh a they're reasonably singable by any group other than the Mothers Of Invention and eh they're teen-age boy-girl type songs and so they're being released this week so we expect to be able to add these to our list of smash flops very shortly. Will begin our medley of Mothers Of Invention hit singles ahum with the b side of this one which is a tune called Valarie, by the way did you know that 'Big Leg Emma' was released as a single? I can't understand why that didn't go on the radio that's just as, that's just as imbecilic as yummy yummy yummy. Well I think the size of the womans leg had something to do with it. A large stomach that's one thing. Big Legs I don't know . . ."
Valarie, Valarie,
Valarie, Valarie
Valarie, Valarie,
Valarie, Valarie,
  FZ: That should have a limited type of appeal in the pure grease market. And there may be some representatives of that market here today. The other side ot this charming teen-age record is a tune called 'My Guitar . . . Wants To Kill Your Mama.' Ready? Here alive in person is our deluxe teen-age rendition.
The Ark, Boston, 18-Jul-1968
Length: ~45 min
Label: Bizarre Fydo-768 (Legally on Beat The Boots I)

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