Introduction II

MSI 10037 or CRCL-7501

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From: Vladimir Sovetov
  On 19 Jan 1999
  Hiya, friends.
  Trying to spot Cucamonga Years, Jap.Panfish CRCL-7501 CD
  I stumbled upon Japanes CD online store
  It's purely in Japanes but search icon could be seen. So I clicked it, then filled the field with Zappa and woow! got 12 itmes as a response.
  Definitely looks like the stuff I'm for, but why so much of CDs with the same (and right) release date 1997/10/22 but different cat. numbers CRCL-7502, CRCL-7503, CRCL-7505, CRCL-7506 etc?
  What does it mean? Can anyone explain this Japanese stuff to me?
  Thank you in advance
From: Patrick Neve
  Can't help you much, I'm afraid. I don't know about the different releases of this album, other than the one most often mentioned is not by Panfish by by MSI. My Cucamonga Years catalog number is MSI 10037. It's japanese as well, the spine is japanese and so are the liner notes. 6 of the tunes are owned by Del-Fi, and 7 are owned by Original Sound, all licensed to MSI, Japan, 1991.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  In accordance with Greg Russo book Cosmic Debris
  Jap.Panfish CRCL-7501 is a legal 97 re-release of MSI CD.
From: TAN, Mitsugu
  That's right. MSI re-licensed Nihon Crown (Japanese record company) to re-release "Cucamonga Years" and all of "BTB#1" CDs, and they all got re-released at the same day. (Sorry, I used too much "re-" in one sentence.)
From: "Bossk (R)" wrote:
  Do you mean there had been an older Japanese version of the Beat the Boots CDs before the MSI release?
From: TAN, Mitsugu
  No, I mean, MSI had got a license from Rhino and released the first Japanese CDs of BTB#1.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Anyway, finally all these mystery CRCL-7502, CRCL-7503, CRCL-7505, CRCL-7506 etc turned out to be Japanese CDs of BTB#1

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