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  Introduction I (The point on the map) 30-Sep-2001
  Introduction II (MSI 10037 or CRCL-7501) 30-Sep-2001
1.   Memories Of El Monte (Zappa-Collins) 25-Sep-2001
2.   How's Your Bird? (Zappa) 23-Sep-2001
3.   The World's Greatest Sinner (Zappa) 23-Sep-2001
4.   Dear Jeepers (Zappa) 26-Sep-2001
5.   Letter From Jeepers (Zappa) 23-Sep-2001
6.   Grunion Run (Zappa) 23-Sep-2001
7.   Tijuana Surf (Buff) 23-Sep-2001
8.   Mr. Clean (Zappa)
9.   Jessie Lee (Zappa)
10.   Heavies (Aerni-Buff) 23-Sep-2001
11.   The Cruncher (Aerni-Buff)
12.   Every Time I See You (Zappa-Collins)
13.   Cradle Rock (Galleges)

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