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Go Cry On Somebody Else's Shoulder

Notes and Comments

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Oh my darling...
Go ahead and cry
Go ahead and let the tears fall outa your eye
Let'em fall on your dress
Who cares if it makes a mess?
I gave you my
high school ring
  A heavy, gold ring tapering out to a large oval front typically engraved with the school name and your graduating class year, and set with a glass "stone" in the school's colors. (Crawford High School's colors were red, white and blue; the rings came in your choice of those colors. I got a blue one.) You can give it to your girlfriend to "mark your territory." She will wear it on a little chain around her neck.
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You cheated me baby
And told some dirty lies about me
Fooled around with all those other guys
That's why I had to
get my khakis pressed
  Ironed or what?
  Maybe, but since he says "get" them pressed, he probably means send them to a laundry to be professionally flattened in a trouser press. If he just wanted them ironed he'd give 'em to his mom. (He *has* to still live with his mom, right?)
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I had my car re-upholstered
I got my
hair processed
  A "process" means straightening naturally kinky African-American hair, usually resulting in a very artifical, lacquered look. With the emergence of black power this became a symbol of oppression. Hence the emergence of the Afro hairstyle. (Except at least in my school they were never called Afros or 'fros...they were called "naturals.")
  See [Zappa influence] Hank Ballard's "How You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven't Cut Your Process Yet)?" Not to mention "Uncle Remus" ("I can't wait 'til my 'fro is full-grown.")

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