Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?

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Why does it hurt when I pee?
From: (Brad Aumick)
  I got this out of the book "Road Mangler Deluxe", by Phil Kaufman (Franks road manager in 1979), pages 159-160:
  We got stuck in a bus on the way to a huge concert (125,000 people) in Saarbrucken, Germany. We were playing with Joan Baez, Ten Years After, The Tubes and others. I said to Frank, 'We got to get there two to three hours early because it's a small town. " He said, "Oh, fuck that. " So the tour bus got stuck in traffic. We were going through the traffic and I had my Wild Turkey sandwich. I was sitting in the back and having a little drink. I went into the toilet which was located in the middle of the bus. Halfway through my piss, I jokingly started screaming and everybody was looking at me. I cried, "Frank, why does it hurt when I pee?" and everybody laughed. By the time we had gotten through the crowd to the venue, he had written a song called "Why Does It Hurt When I Pee?" scored all the parts, given it out to all the guys in the band and made them play it that day. Needless to say, the band told me to shut my fucking mouth in the future. The song is on an album called "Joe's Garage" and if you see that album, you'll find a credit on the back which reads, "Special thanks to Phil Kaufman for asking the eternal question: Why does it hurt when I pee?"
From: AJ Wilkes <>
  FZ announced that Why Does It Hurt... was a parody of English pomp rock bands, during the Circus Crone rehearsal. I took this to mean bands like Led Zeppelin, and indeed a little three chord run sounds exactly like something from Stairway To Heaven - I can't pinpoint it's location at the moment.
From: (ZappaLVR)
  It always seemed to me, what with the reference on JG to "Toad-o" that that song wasa a parody of the noisier songs of the band Toto and certainly the sound and style of the playing is similar to Foreigner, both so-called hard-rock program/pop groups of the mid-to-late Seventies. Sounds more like them than Led Zep, anyway.

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