On The Line

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  It was called Toad-O Line on LP version
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Whereupon the house combo
at the *Brasserie* drifts into a modified
version of one of
Toad-O's big hit numbers
From: Keith Roberts <>
  If you notice in that solo ("Toad-O-Line"/"On The Bus") Frank is quoting "Tow The Line" by Toto. Get it? He's playing the melody REALLY SLOWLY at first, and then it goes into his solo.
  Now since those of you who were born in the mid-70's probably don't remember that song (it was a truly remarkable piece of pomposity -- made Styx seem **deep**), I would guess Frank had you guys in the audience for this item and changed the title so that it might make a little bit more sense for you. I remember one of the first times I heard it, the person I was living with at the time had the radio on and Frank and Toto were battling it out. Toto was made up of session musicians (David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, and David Porcaro were all members), and judging from my sporadic involvement with that scene (I used to be a gorilla in a semi-famous theatrical rock group -- not saying who, but I'll give you a hint -- their most famous character was based on the New York Dolls) they all behaved like "rock stars" and CBS paid for it all.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  "Tow the line?" First of all, the expression is "Toe the line" Secondly, the SONG is "Hold the Line"
From: Keith Roberts <>
  You're right about the title. I don't make a habit of listening to that thing anymore than I have to. My mistake. At any rate that's the basis of the solo. Maybe I was thinking more of the pun "Toad-O Line" vs. "Tow The Line" and what it really is "Hold The Line."
  BTW, was it a CC?
JABFLA _Billy The Mountain_
  Yes, it was about three o'clock in the afternoon when little Howard Kaplan was sitting on his porh ("Toto...!") just playing ("Come here, Toto...!") and having a nice time wit his ("Toto...!") accordion
From: Brian Zavitz <bzavitz@fres2.GLFC.Forestry.CA>
  Toto is also the name the dog in the classic movie "The Wizard of Oz". The most famous line from that movie is when Dorothy says to her dog: "Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore". Maybe some more CC with Lumpy Gravy with the exchange "How much?" "They're from Kansas." Maybe not.
From: (Gloria Wallgren SLIP/PPP)
  Toto was just a reference to the dog in _The Wizard Of Oz_, which the rock supergroup Toto subsequently named themselves after.
From: (Pat Buzby)
  I read somewhere that Toto actually considered the source of their name to be the expression "in toto" (complete), not the dog from The Wizard Of Oz.
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Central Scrutinizer:
Meanwhile, Joe hears about Mary's
naughty exploits.
He falls in with a fast crowd
and gets seduced by a girl who works
at the
Jack-In-The-Box, named Lucille,
who gives him an
unpronounceable disease...
  American fast food place. See _Billy The Mountain_ entry in JABFLA N&C
From: (Gloria Wallgren SLIP/PPP)
  Seems to be specific to the West Coast. I've never seen one, in any case.

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