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These executives have
plooked the fuck out of me
From: (Paul Remington)
`Plook' is a slang word meaning to copulate, the act of sexual intercourse, or more simply put, to FUCK! :-)
From: (John Smallberries)
  Plook: To sodomize; to give it or receive it in the rear-end.
From: (Neil)
  Plook - To fuck someone up the arse
  Plooked - Having been fucked up the arse
  Plooking - Fucking someone up the arse
  Hey, it's the 20th century! No problem.
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every exec knows it's only
the records with the high squeally ones
that gets to be hit (except for
Duane Eddy)
From: Gary Rush <>
  famous rockabilly guitarist from late 50's early 60's if i remember right. time frame might be wrong. i also associate with surf guitar.
From: <Charles Ulrich>
  Electric guitarist known for his twangy sound in instrumentals recorded in the 1950s.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  A very famous early 60's (?) guitar player. I believe the theme from Peter Gunn (which you've heard even if you don't know it by name) is his most famous output. I believe he made extensive use of the TWANG BAR.
From: (Paul Hinrichs)
  His first big hit was "Rebel Rouser" and the first thing perspiring guitarists at the time had to learn to do was bend that G on the third fret of the 6th string, then twang the open E. There were only two special effects on guitar amps then: a spring reverb and a pulsing tremelo. Eddy used the spring reverb on practically everything and made it his signature sound. "Rebel Rouser", with its rebel yells and wild band noises endeared Eddy to Dick Clark, who regularly featured him on American Bandstand as one of the few purely instrumental rock musicians at the time to attain success (another group he liked was Johnny and the Hurricanes - who were much better musicians than any of their recorded material would indicate. Dave Yorko, the guitarist, was totally awesome in some of the performances I saw in the Toledo area, in the early 60s, after he quit the group).
  Coupla other hits were "40 Miles Of Bad Roads" and "Because They're Young", the theme from a totally horrible teen exploitation film which nonetheless dazzled us all because of the string orchestration, something verbotten for rock at the time. I think that one might have hit #1 (with a bullet for CC) on the American Bandstand charts, briefly, in a time when there was little competition save for Fabian, Bobby Rydell, Frankie Avalon, and other Elvis-wannabes in Clark's Philly Stable during the King's semi-retirement in the Army.

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