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And dream of guitar notes
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  And here comes the guitar solo
From: (R. Takken)
  Along with the live effects which are realised through amps, pre-amps, modules and effect boxes, Frank used studio techniques like speeding up parts and using existing live tapes onto completely different parts (he called this technique Xenochrony I believe).
  Xenochrony: When the Zoot Allures album came out, there seemed to be a new approach to randomise and re-contextualising guitar parts: Zappa took an existing live solo from tape and dumped it on an existing track. The complete randomness of this technique was refined some years later and this made the guitar sounds on Joe's garage sound how they do. I assume there must be unreleased examples of this 'cause this wouldn't always work as well as it did on 'Friendly Little Fingers' having two different metres and different tempi... (the people who buy these records listen so carefully...). He also did this in 'Yo Mama', 'Rubber Shirt' and on most of the guitar solos from Joe's garage (not Watermelon...).
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  And here is directly from Shut Up 'N Play Yer Guitar booklet voice of John Swenson
  Dating back to Sheik Yerbouti album he has begun to experiment with a recording/composition technique which he calls xenocrony, or strange synchronization. Most simply, Zappa's idea is that instrumental passages from completely different songs (bass part of one song, drums from another, guitar from another etc) can be fitted together musicaly. Yaet a more elaborate application makes a pre-existing part, particulary a guitar solo. the compositionall foundation for completely new song.
  Most of Joe's Garage was composed and recorded this way. Live guitar parts were extracted from concert tapes and used as the blueprint for elaborate studio constructions completely different from the solo's original context. "When I suggested doing it the engineer I was working with looked at me like I was really nuts", laughs Zappa. "While we were working on the album he called it the Ampex guitar, 'cause when it came time for a solo all I did was play the master tape and sit by the ATR and when it was time I pushed the button and the guiar solo would go on."
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From: (Bill Lantz)
  Saliva and natural juices.
From: Brian Zavitz <bzavitz@fres2.GLFC.Forestry.CA>
  North is the mouth. South is the other end.

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