Lumpy Gravy, part1

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Index Point CD Booklet Index Point Elapsed Time
1. The Way I See It, Barry 1 1 00:00
2. Duodenum 2 2 00:06
3. Oh No 3 3 01:38
4. Bit Of Nostalgia 4 4 03:41
5. It's From Kansas 5 5 05:16
6. Bored Out 90 Over 6 6 05:46
7. Almost Chinese 7 7 06:17
8. Switching Girls 8 8/9/10 06:42
9. Oh No Again
10. At The Gas Station
11. Another Pickup 9 11 11:05
12. I Don't Know If I Can Go Through This Again 10 12 11:59
From: (David Demery)
  So, what we see from carrying out this exercise is that Track 1 has an error in it, 3 index points appear under a single index. This should be added to any `error' file that is being kept of Zappa releases.
  Having checked the elapsed times under both play and pause modes, some of you might find a difference of -1 second for some of the indexes, so don't blame me if the times don't exactly match what you see on your own player.
1. Duodenum 1:32
From: Jason M Arvey (
  The word "duodenum" comes from the Greek and refers to the section of the stomach that connects the main body of the stomach to the small intestines. I believe that the Greek is either two or twelve fingers (my Greek is not very good) indicating an approximation of the length of this particular anatomical feature.
From: Donald Gagnon (
  "Duodenum" is short for duodenum digitorum. Which means twelve fingers. It is the first portion of the intestin where the pancreatic canals end.
From: Charles Ulrich (
  As others have said, it's an internal organ. More importantly perhaps, is the sound of the word. There are two ways to pronounce it. One is doo-oh-DEE-num, as on Thing-Fish. The other is doo-WAH-duh-num, as in 200 Motels. The latter pronunciation also fits the meter of the main theme of Lumpy Gravy--hence its use for the index on the CD.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  BTW, in some sense another sandwich type album, like BWS.
  A long and complicated music flow from another epoch sandwiched between two sweet easy tunes, there we have pair of doo-wops and here the same structure but with two Cucamonga's era pieces top and bottom.
  I mean of cource Duodenum and Take Your Clothes Off.
4. Bit Of Nostalgia 03:41
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A bit of nostalgia for the old folks.

^^^/////^^^^//////^^^^^^ ( short hot piece )
  Can anyone identify music? Is it something from Cucamonga years too?
From: (David Demery)
  Do you mean the really short piece during Bit Of Nostalgia, or the longer piece (the fast old jazz one) during It's From Kansas? Either way, neither piece is from Cucamonga Years. (I don't recognise either, by the way.)
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Both, of course :-)))
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I'm advocating dark clothes.
If I'm not alone, I wonder if I've been asleep
As long as I have.
Did you ever
live in a drum?
  From _Civilization Phaze III_ booklet
  In 1967, we spent about four months recording various projects (Uncle Meat, We're Only In It For The Money, Ruben and The Jets and Lumpy Gravy) at APOSTOLIC STUDIOS, 53 E. 10th ST NYC. One day I decided to stuff a pair of U-87's in the piano, cover it with heavy drape, put a sand bug on the sustain pedal and invite anybody in the vicinity to stick their head inside and remble incoherently about the various topics I would suggest to them via talk-back system.
  This set-up remained in the place for several days. During that time, many hours of recording was made, most of it useless. Some people who took the challenge included Spider Barbour ( leader of the rock group _Crysalys_, which was also recording at Apostolic when we weren't booked in, All-Night John (the studio manager), Gilly Towney (sister of the guy who owned the studio), Monica (the receptionist), Roy Estrada and Motorhead Sherwood (members of the _Mothers Of Invention_), Louis Cuneo (a guy who used to come to our live shows at the Garrick Theater and laugh like a psychotic turkey), and a few others.
  Some of this dialog -- after extensive editing -- found its way into the _Lumpy Gravy_ album.
5. It's From Kansas 05:16
^^^/////^^^^//////^^^^^^ ( fast old jazz )
  Can anyone identify this piece? Was it used for CC somewhere else?
  Hope I place it right, Brian
From: (Brian Zavitz)
  Another sped-up tune is the unofficially released "Revenge of the Knick Knack People" (which can be found, among other places, on Apocrypha). I think this song was produced around the same time as Lumpy Gravy, it's too bad that RYKO didn't include it on the CD.
6. Bored Out 90 Over 05:46
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Bored out .90 over
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with three Stromberg 97's.
From: (Bill Cmelak)
  Yes, that's right! Hot rod jargon it is. Stromberg 97's were very popular carburetors on many old hot rods. I'm not positive, but, I think the yellow hotrod coupe in Amerrican Graffiti had 6 of them on the engine. (It has 6 of some kind anyway.)
  As for .90 over, that's the amount that combustion cylinders are bored out in thousandths of an inch. Either to clean up worn cylinder walls or just to enlarge the combustion chamber size to gain more power. Most likely the later in this instance.
7. Almost Chinese 06:17
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Good bread, because I was making,
two-seventy-one an hour.
  :-) See for details _10. At The Gas Station_
10. At The Gas Station
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I worked in a cheesy newspaper-company for a while,
but that was terrible,
I wasn't making enough money to build anything.

Louie Louie!)
  One of endless references to this pop standard
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And he needed a job,
so I gave him a job at the gasstation
at which I was fired
because, you know, he was gonna work there.
And he had his
car in a rack
and he was lubing it
From: John Henley <>
  grease rack - lifts the car above ground for working from underneath
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Then I went to work in an aircraft-company and ah...
I was building these plans.
I worked on the
XB 70.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  This is supposed to be a real monster of supersonic strategic bomber with Wagnerian nickname _Valkyrie_. 6 x General Electric XY-93 engines, 32 meters width, 56.38 m length and weight 205,000 kg. October 14, 1965 one of the experimental beastes ( I believe welded by Frank roadie :-) hit 3,218 km/h mark on the fantastic altitude - 21,336 km. Despite that never was manufactured as mass product B-70 (may be no one could weld it correctly because, you know, Sherwood have found another job :-)))
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I was the last welder on there,
but it was pretty good bread
because I was
makin' ah 2.71 an hour,
makin' a hundred and a quarter a week,
  :-)) Here is it! Details you desperately need in _7. Almost Chinese_
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So I got an Oldsmobile, a groovy Olds,
but I was going with this chick at that time,
and by the time I got the Olds running decently,
she went out and tore up the engine
and the
trans and,
From: John Henley <>
  trans = transmission
11. Another Pickup 11:05
////^^^/////^^^^/////^^^^////// sped up piece of music
From: (Fnerdd)
  Back in the days of vinyl I had a record player that would play at 16RPM, half the speed of a 33RPM LP. I played some of Lumpy Gravy's sped-up parts on it, and it sounded just like regular traditional jazz.
  Also were all the funny little snorks and coughs, which sounded like regular folk snortin' & coughin' at half-speed.
12. I Don't Know If I Can Go Through This Again 11:59
All right!
I don't know if I can go through this again.
From: John Henley <>
  Make sure this doesn't come across as someone saying "All right!" as in "everything's great." I think it's the conductor saying "All right" as in "we'll do another take now," and the unidentified player says "Ohhhh" before "I don't know...."
  That beautiful piece of serious music can be found between 1.48 and 2.25 seconds of WOIIFTM track _Mother People_ too. (Times from old Zappa Records WOIIFTM/LG CD ZAP 13)

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