Evelyn, A Modified Dog

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Evelyn, a modified dog
From: Patrick David Neve <>
  This is totally obvious to anyone whose read "Them Or Us (The Book)", but I finally figured out that Evelyn is, in fact, a COLLIE and not a poodle.'s the page, and also an excerpt since I think its' so sick... (pg. 154)
  The interior of the living room, TV P.O.V., as if we were in the set watching JIMMY.
  We see how small and wizened he is for his age. His head is covered with an ELEPHANT MAN sort of canvas bag. So are his hands and feet.
  EVELYN, his tiny toy collie stumbles in to join him. The collie has a bag on its face and four little bags on its feet.
  JIMMY'S DAD, BARNEY, follows the collie in. BARNEY also has a bagged face and bagged extremities. Over the lewd sound effects of the film we hear...
  "How ya doin', son?"
  "DAD, how come we have to wear these bags all the time?"
  Barney kneels beside his wretched little boy, turns the volume down on the TV, and puts him arm around him comfortingly.
  "Because... we are UGLY AS FUCK..."
  "Well... uh... how'd we get to be UGLY AS FUCK?"
  His deformed collie snuggles it's tiny canvas-covered head in his lap.
  The wife, FLORENCE, enters (also totally bagged), carrying a tray with two tall glasses of milk with long straw in them, announcing:
  BARNEY jumps up and slugs her violently in the face-bag, sending the tray and its contents crashing against the wall.
  As you can see, this is an extremely disfunctional family. Watson probably could read the expulsion from Eden into this vignette. What I derive is that once and for all, Evelyn's particular canine species can be identified as Collie, not poodle, doberman, german shepherd, or any other of Marty's Women.
  There are also a few more Conceptual Continuity links. Obviously the whole Evelyn thing, but note the "din-din" quote is repeated somewhere else (remember, "Dagmar...din-din..." Also "bag your face" from Valley Girl is referenced.
From: Matt M <>
  > Uh, would that be her on the TOU cover?
From: Patrick David Neve <>
  Actually, that's Patricia, the creation of Donald Roller Wilson. The same dog on The Perfect Stranger. It looks approximately collie-like to me. Anyone know exactly what kind of dog that is?
  According to Watson, it may have inspired Evelyn. (pg. 429) This would mean one of two things;
  (A) The painting was created prior to the recording of One Size Fits All, AND FZ was familiar with it
  (B) The concept of Evelyn was as yet unrelated to the painting, and the image inspired FZ to later tie it to Evelyn, as evidenced in Them Or Us (The Book).
  The latter seems more likely to me. The modification the poor dog suffers in Them Or Us (The book) is far more severe than whatever was implied on One Size Fits All.
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A cusious breeze
garlic breath
With a garlic aroma
That could level Tacoma

Jewish Princess. Sheik Yerbouti
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Which sounded like a snore
near the Steinway (or even from within)"
From: (Johannes Labisch)
  Is there somebody in the piano? (See Lumpy Gravy, Civilization Phase III) Evelyn seems to think so:
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Evelyn, a dog, having undergone
Further modification
Pondered the significance of short-person behavior
pedal-depressed panchromatic resonance
And other highly ambient domains..."
From: Evil Bob <>
  This entire song is a reference to the Lumpy Gravy recording sessions. For the un or half-informed: In the Lumpy Gravy sessions numerous people were closely gathered around a grand piano to speak on many subjects of significance and insignificance. At the same time a large weight was set on the piano's sustain pedal so that it was always depressed. This has the effect of setting up a very spacey and ambient resonance as the piano strings vibrate sympathetically with the sound waves created by the persons speaking. Since all of the strings of the piano are vibrating, the musical effect can be referred to as pan-chromatic (that is, all chromatic tones are heard). Another musical use of pan-<music-word> is "Pan-Diatonicism". This is what you'd get if you went and slammed your forearms across only the white keys of the piano - one could say that the noise that came out was "Pan-Diatonic".

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