Inca Roads

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From: Patrick Neve <>
  Can anybody hear what is going on in Inca Roads better than I? About :55 seconds into the OSFA version, the first breakdown, there's talking all over the stage. The most mysterious utterance to me, that I have yet to see anyone comment on, is Frank's drawled interjection; "Well, why don't you sharpen it then?" I've seen the KCET vid and I think he says it somewhere else during the program.. what does it mean? Anyways, here's about all I could get out of that part of the song; Can you do any better?
Did a vehicle come from somewhere out there
Just to land in the Andes?
Was it round and did it have
A motor or was it something different?
  (NMB is in right channel, GD in center/left, FZ in left)
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NMB: Who's __________ is that?
GD: Sho' wuz- duh, I ain't never seen nothin' like that...
NMB: What?
FZ: Well,
why don't you sharpen it, then?
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GD: It wuz a round ball or something
NMB: Huh? Huh!
GD: What's that white thing doin' up there?
Mother, Mary 'n Joseph!
From: (Charles Ulrich)
  I read an interview with FZ (don't ask me where or when), in which he told about some carpenter that had worked for him. The carpenter talked to himself as he worked. Two of his sayings were "Why don't you sharpen it then?" and "Mother, Mary, and Jozuf!"
From: (Biffyshrew)
  Yup. This was in Society Pages USA, I think in the second of the two big multi-issue interviews.
From: Peter 0x99berg <>
  I read about this quote in an old Society Pages recently. The expression was used by a carpenter that used to work at the Zappa house. He used to talk to himself. "Screwdriver don't work. Why don't you sharpen it then." And sometimes he hit his thumb with his hammer and then he shouted "Mother Mary and Jozuf!"
  The same expression of disgust many times uttered during Po-jama People song performance.
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Did a booger-bear
From: db832@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Phillip A. Freshour)
  I believe "Inca Roads" refers to the ancient ruins in South America that many people speculate were landing sites for aliens (booger bears) from outer space. Thus, these were spaces made by the Indians (first to the bill, carving up the hills), for Chester's things to land.....
From: (Cliff Heller)
  The "Booger-Bear award" was presented nightly to the member of the band or crew who managed to score with the ugliest groupie. Perellis won it frequently. That's the same Perellis with a "fondness for certain members of the canine species"
From: aa342@FreeNet.Carleton.CA (David Millman)
  Have you ever noticed that the lyrics to Inca Roads start off fantastically, but that then Frank seemed to lose it and trailed off into guacamole, armadillo, and booger-bear?
  Frank noticed this, and that's why the vocals in the song become incoherent at the beginning of the bad part, around the 'indians first on the bill' bit.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  For complete:-))) boogers, bears and Marty Perellis story check out YCDTOSA 4 Smell My Beard/The Booger Man suit
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Guacamole Queen
From: (Cliff Heller)
  The Guacamole Queen was a taco stand of sorts. It's folkloric significance will have to be left to the more knowledgable participants of this forum.
From: gavan@MailBox.Syr.Edu
  The Quacamole Queen is definitely a person, not a taco stand. Her first name is Rikki. I knew her vaguely. She lived on Blanco Street in Austin, at about 10th Street, in 1973. I can believe she baked cookies for the Armadillo. I think there's a drawing of her somewhere in the artwork of Jim Franklin.
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At the Armadillo in Austin Texas, her aura
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Recordings prior to their show at the Armadillo in Austin Texas do not contain the lyric:
Did a Booger-Bear come from out there just land on Perellis
Guacamole Queen, Guacamole Queen
At the Armadillo in Austin Texas.
From: John Henley <>
  And it doesn't leave that stale aftertaste....
"....Guacamole Queen, Guacamole Queen, Guacamole Queen
At the Armadillo in Austin Texas, her aura..."
  The woman made GREAT big chocolate chip cookies, and nachos that were a meal in themselves...and Frank knew it, too, having scarfed down his share. Oh, just remembered this: (approximate)
  "...and everybody be sure and stop by the food bar in the back, and get yourself some Armadillo cookies _(big smile here)_ and some Armadillo nachos....and if you'll just blow your smoke _that_ way, we'll all have a good time..."
-FZ, Austin 1977

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