Introduction II

Calvin's notes on cover, star map and sofa in particular

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  Also an original artist star map explanation
From: Patrick David Neve <>
  A question for Calvin, if you please... Can you (or would you) substantiate or deny Nigey's claims that,
  A. The Sofa on the cover was the same one that she slept on in his basement, and
  B. She's credited in the star-map somewhere?
From: Cal Schenkel <>
  A. Frank had a funky old sofa in the basement, and maybe that sofa was the sofa *in* "Sofa," but that's not the sofa I used as the model for the sofa on the cover. I used *my* sofa. A sofa I picked up when I lived in Eagle Rock. Nigey never slept on it. Gus chewed on it a lot though. (peed on it now & then, too).
  B. This from a 1996 post on the AOL FZ BB (re-edited):
  "In catching up on AOL , I noticed a number of comments about Nigey Lennon (observant, huh!) and thought it might be nice to have some comments from the author herself. I have to split this into 2 parts. I selected Cal's response to Biffyshrew's comments to send her and this was her reply. Here's part 1:
  Cal Schenkel's artwork for One Size Fits All contains explicit references to Nigey Lennon. How about it, this part true?"
  I can't think of anything offhand. That doesn't mean it's not true. Perhaps she could tell us what the explicit references are & I would comment. For that matter, if anyone feels like putting together a complete list of the references on OSFA artwork, I'd be glad to comment on them. [no one ever did, BTW]
  "In the left-center of the constellation map, on the character marked O'BRION, there's a star on the guy's left foot with the name NIGEL by it. On the tour I performed (at Frank's request) a simulated sex act with Frank's left purple suede oxford, and Frank, subsequently turning this act into something it never was meant to represent, ended up reprimanding me in the song "Andy" for confusing the *object* (the shoe) with the *content* (our relationship). (See the last section of the interview with myself and Bob Dobbs on my homepage, which goes into this in detail.) "O'Brion", incidentally, refers to Brian Krokus, the Tycobrahe sound mixer who worked on the 1974 tour and who was romantically involved with my friend Ruth Underwood."
  [The rest here, I just rewrote to clarify it a little -97-03-19]:
  Almost, if not all, of the references in the star-chart I wrote in collaboration with my friend Napoleon (not Murphy Brock, but Lynn Lascaro), the artist who helped me with the cover art. The vast majority were of my fabrication. I had a National Geographic map of the heavens- came up with goofy constellations, then made a bunch of puns relating (mostly) to actual star names.
  I also threw in a lot of personal references- many came to me from the star names, but not entirely: Alison Wickwire & Laura from the art dept. at WB, Leo Limon (my 49 Plymouth, I also had an Alfa), Aunt Letty, dear darling Katy (Texas), Willow Gr., Virgil as a combination wiring diagram-subway map (London, Phila, NY). Henna Brillo= Janet Neville-Furguson, etc.
  There are, of course, a number of references to previous Zappa material (the circular border) & Zappa friends- some of which I also knew (I had just done an album cover for Chunky, Novi & Ernie for instance) I did not know Al Surat, but his name sprung to mind, along with all them other Als as puns on all the Al stars.
  I only remember Nigel as a pun based on Rigel, and O'Brion on Orion. I could be wrong. Those names, and others, might have come from Frank during meetings over the artwork. After more than 20 years, it is hard to remember with complete accuracy.
  A note about the "Sofa Upholstery":
  My friend "Napoleon" (Lynn Lascaro) is a master at painting on velvet. He did the final version of the sofa itself, in pastel on velvet paper (mounted on the background), to my specifications (the drawing is mine, the pastel is his).

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