Introduction II

Cover art and mysteries discussed with Calvin

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From: db832@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Phillip A. Freshour)
  I purchased CWRATJ (on the Verve label) many moons ago, and thus have ignored the subsequent re-releases, especially after hearing of the controversial re-mixed drum and bass tracks. Today I found a cheap used CD so I picked it up. Inside, I discovered the amusing illustrations for a "jellyroll" hairdo and dancing the "bop". These weren't included with my antique LP, so I was wondering if they were omitted or simply added later on, perhaps by Ryko?
From: Cal Schenkel (calvin@RALF)
  These two illustrations (two separate pages, b/w, 8 1/2 x 11) were distributed for promotion only at the time of the original release. Along with a blown up version of "The Story of Ruben & The Jets", a glossy photo of Frank (both from the back cover), and a jar of hair pomade. I don't think any of this promo material was ever included in the consumer album package until the CD release.
From: "|Spider Gecko|" (
  I believe they were first available with the old masters box, as the Baby Snakes video seems to suggest.
From: calvin@RALF (Cal Schenkel)
  Yeah, I think that's right. I forgot about the Old Masters box.
From: Cal Schenkel (
  When I found out that Ryko was going to re-release the entire catalog (late 1994) I remembered how pissed off I was about the cheeeeesy quality of the packaging on the original go-round (chopped up art, lousy color separations, missing credits, etc.) So I rented a car & drove up to Salem & kicked Don Rose in the shins & said: "HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" To their credit, they let me fix things up a bit. (the ones I originally had something to do with--I had no jurisdiction over the other releases).
  10505 CRUSIN' WITH RUBEN & THE JETS summer 68 -LA. Acrylic, pencil, collage, spray-paint. Animopomorphized snouts courtesy Carl Barks. In spring of 68 Frank moved the operation back to LA, and I took up residence in the tree-house at the Log Cabin wherein I assembled this comic combo. (reference the Uncle Meat story) Then I found some interesting trash on the hill up above the Log Cabin where they were building roads. which started a diversion to overlaying car parts diagrams on people's heads. 95RR-inlay: Jellyroll/Bop from promotional material .
From: Pher
  What's that little black symbol on FZ's hand on the OSFA album cover? It looks like a cross with two dots in the upper left and right sections.
From: Biffyshrew (
  Surely that's God's hand, not Frank's. The symbol is a tattoo worn by Pachucos. It also appears on Ruben's hand on CWR&TJ.

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