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  Acknowledgement 23-Sep-2001
  Introduction I (Doo-wop. The style and its definition ) 23-Sep-2001
  Introduction II (Cover art and mysteries discussed with Calvin) 27-Sep-2001
  Introduction III (Arthur Barrow's comments on bass overdubs) 27-Sep-2001
1.   Cheap Thrills 8-Aug-2004
2.   Love Of My Life 23-Sep-2001
3.   How Could I Be Such A Fool 23-Sep-2001
4.   Deseri 29-Sep-2001
5.   I'm Not Satisfied
6.   Jelly Roll Gum Drop 23-Sep-2001
7.   Anything
8.   Later That Night 26-Sep-2001
9.   You Didn't Try To Call Me
10.   Fountain Of Love 23-Sep-2001
11.   "No. No. No." 23-Sep-2001
12.   Anyway The Wind Blows
13.   Stuff Up The Cracks 9-Mar-2002
  Appendix (List of other doo-wops numbers written or recorded by FZ) 9-Mar-2002

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