Briefcase Boogie

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Bells on bob-tail ring,
Making spirits bright!
Oh, what fun it is to
Ride to Chicago every night, oh...
  YOU CAN'T DO THAT ON STAGE ANYMORE vol 3. Ride My Face To Chicago
Ride my face to Chicago Ride it all night long
Y'all wants t'party hearty with de
min'yature rubber MAMMY wit de string out de back?
From: Jack P. Armstrong
  During "Briefcase Boogie," right after Thing Fish says "Sister Obdewllla?!" a trumpet or something in the background plays what sounds like the trombone lick in "Debra Kadabra" that makes fun of that movie. it repeats the lick more than once, and sounds very similar, but not exactly like the "Kadabra" one - is this intentional, you think?
From: Patrick Neve (
  That would be Jay Anderson bowing an upright bass. You can hear him plucking it earlier in the song. Gosh it sure sounds more like a cello to me.. he must be playing the highest registers of the instrument. Thanks for pointing out that part of the song.. I hadn't heard it this closely before, and I think there's some interesting interplay between the upright bass, vocals, electric bass and drums. It starts off with Jay playing along to Chad and the electric bass player (who is that? Barrow? Thunes?) ... and later during the section you describe (:53) the bowed instrument is presumably playing the part of Sister Obdwella X. (Is that a correct assumption?)
  As far as the "Brainiac quote", I'd say it was unintentional, but who knows. Probably Jay knows, but our best online bet would be Barrow. Sounds like it's about 4 of the 5 correct notes, and it might even be in the same key, but I haven't checked that out. My hunch is that if Frank had wanted that line to be quoted he would have made it a wee bit more obvious.. most of that album kind of hits you over the head. So that would leave the options that (A) Jay quoted the Brainiac of his own accord on the spot, or (B) it was just an improvised moment of shmaltz that ended up sounding similar.
  Jay has some things to add to this:
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Those are the Warner Brothers files, aren't they dear?
Don't you think there'll be some questions
about the condition of the
blue paper?
From: Paul Curtis <>
  In _Thing-Fish_, reference is made to "the Warner Brothers files"--specifically, "the condition of the blue paper." Now, I would assume that this has something to do with the ugly 'n' sordid FZ vs. Herb Cohen vs. Warner Bros. litigation of the late '70s and early '80s... but just what the fuck was "the blue paper"?
From: "Fred H. Banta" <>
  In many Los Angeles courts, you must submit your legal pleadings in "blue back" which is a piece of blue construction paper that you staple your documents to. Perhaps this is what he means?

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