That Evil Prince

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From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  The nice sentimental type of music half-heard on the backgroung is a beautiful Amnerica. Frank masterpiece full blown on Civilization Phaze III and Everything Is Healing Nicely
  Also used by the same unobtrusive way as a background on two other Thing-Fish pieces The White Boy Troubles and Drop Dead
  Weeel. Close anyway. That Evil Prince is heard (faintly) behind Harry and Rhonda and the crazy Thingfish dialouge. It is clearly the theme which materialized into Amnerika and a different poodle entirely from The Evil Prince which was obviously a song that Napolean sang on the LP and the first coupla weeks of the '84 tour before he got a windows seat.
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They're all dead, dear...
Zombies, I believe...
the 'walking dead'...
Jack Palance did a show on them once.
From: Patrick Neve <>
  A slightly insane movie and TV actor. From the 50's through the 70's he was typecast as "the scary guy" in movies like "Sign of the Pagan", "Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde", a couple of Dracula remakes, and various westerns and other kinds of films. By the 80's however, he was relegated to playing parodies of his former spooky typecast, and in 1982 hosted the TV series "Ripley's Believe It or Not".. not exactly famous, but very possibly the very show Zappa is referencing, if subconsciously. High watermarks include his roles in "Shane" and "City Slickers", a role for which he won an oscar, but somehow he hasn't been able to shake his reputation garnered from decades of B-movie acting. A couple of years ago, at 79 years of age, he was seen on various late night talk shows doing one-handed pushups to prove he "still had it". In conversation it was clear he had kind of lost it..
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Don't you white folks know nothin'?
Dat cock-sucker not only mean 'n dangerous,
he ignint in regards to de prep'ratium o' food-stuffs!
Even in SAN QUENTIM I never seen nobody
eat a RAW
CHITLIN'! De muthafucker be CRAZY!
  Read more about Afro-American food here YOU ARE WHAT YOU IS. You Are What You Is.

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