The White Boy Troubles

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  The background theme is Amnerica See also The Evil Prince and Drop Dead
(Oh, heavy boidennn!)
His car's fucked up!
De boy got a provlem!
She ripped up de 'polstry
(Wit de red dress on)
Outa dat O-zo-mobile!
(Tell me what I say)
  Crab-Grass Baby
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Done found some low-rent housin' in a one-dimensional
cardbode nativity box on some
Italian's funt lawn... bunch o' crab-grass underneath
de offspring fo quick
'n easy sanitatium... shit!
From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  He's settled in a cardboard manger, creche or Nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus Christ. These pop up around Christmas time on the faithfuls front lawn. (Some Italians are known to be quite religious.) These scenes also employ a lot of straw as the birthplace was a barn, a stable or animal shelter of some sort. The straw beneath used as easy sanitation for the baby. He'd piss and it'd fall through to the straw below. Clean up the straw and replace daily. (Never clean out a stable or a box stall?)
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Y'all provvly be savin' up
fo yo first
LAVA LAMP putty soon!
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  LAVA LAMP - nice piece of complete electric idiocy. In classic form is a lamp with lava, bubbles and swirls constantly ejaculating inside the lightning bulb filled with glycerin like liquid.
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Well, if de trufe be told,
it were de father o' de boy at de gas statium...
when y'sent de ol' lady in fo' de
inner-tube patchin',
'round de foth o' July.
From: "Dennis Guertin" <>
  Bicycle tire repair kits are available to fix flats, or punctures of the tires. Inside the tire is a rubber tube (really a torus) which actually holds the air and the nozzle/valve. You rough the surface around the hole (the lid of the kits had a "cheese grater" tin top) applied the glue to the tube and ignited it with a match and when it was just right pressed on a rubber patch from the kit. Similar kits are available for air matresses, etc. Harry's babe is a inflatable/deflatable bitch...
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Makin' matters woise, de Italian
dat be ownin' yo' nativity bungalow been
wondrin' 'bouts de hanky AN' de panky
'tween you 'n dem two concrete
flamingos ovuh by de steps!
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  Plastic pink flamingos are a common lawn ornament.
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You been messin' wit de State Bird o' New Jersey,
muthafucker! Dat kin git you five to life in dis vicinity!
If you wants a little frennly advice, boy,
I'd be growin' my ass up a little
quicker, 'n whizz on outa heahh!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  In fact State Bird of New Jersey isn't pink flamingo. It's AMERICAN GOLDFINCH. Aka Carduelis tristis. Also State Bird of Iowa, and Washington Read more about it here

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