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From: Vladimir Sovetov
  By the way, I think it really worth to be mentioned that the voices of HARRY and RHONDA sounded exectly like the voices of BOY - Spike Jones and GIRL - Helen Grayco (Spike's wife) from SJ micro-opera 'None But The Lonnely Heart (A Soaperetta)', 1948.
  Really amazing and gives you the feeling of former massive fan tribute (FZ of course) to the comic idole of his childhood - Spike Jones.
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Leave? Now? At these ticket prices?
Just hold your horses... it probably
wasn't REAL PISS... only 'theater piss'...
they probably have a formula...
some special stuff...
comes right outta the fur with
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Woolite is a trademark of liquid and solid cleaning substances produced by Reckitt Benckiser plc. Laundry soap for example:-)
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What's happened to Broadway, HARRY?
Used to be you could come to one of
these things and the wind would be
From: Walter Moczygemba <>
  "RUSHING DOWN THE PLAIN" certainly refers to the musical "Oklahoma!" The title song starts "Oklahoma! Where the wind comes rushing down the plain."
From: Daniel Smolenski <>
  The actual lyric of the song Oklahoma! mentions the wind "sweeping" down the plain. I'm sure FZ changed it to avoid any possible litigation with the Rodgers & Hammerstein people who are very anal about their perceived "duty" to "protect" the R&H legacy.
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or a fairy on a string
would go over the audience... but NOW!
Harry, I ask you: is THIS entertainment?
From: Daniel Smolenski <>
  The "fairy on a string" undoubtedly refers to Peter Pan (who is listed as being one of the Broadway Zombies) and the apparatus used to make the actors fly.
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You're absolutely correct, dear!
So far we haven't seen a single
good-looking pair of legs...
a single sequin-encrusted
whatchamacallit ...
no firm, rounded breasts!
This show is a DISASTER, RHONDA!
A complete and utter DISASTER!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Here is my good old Dictionary Of American Slang by H.Wentworh and S.B.Flexner
  whatchamacallit = thingamajig.
  thinga(ma)jig - n. Used to indicate any item of which the speaker does not know or has momentarily forgotten the name; esp., used to ref. to any usu. a small, new or unfamiliar device, mechanical part, gadget, tool or oranament; a thing.
From: Walter Moczygemba <>
  And "whatchamacallit," I believe, refers to the female crotch. At least that's how it was used in a copy of Rabelais' "Gargantua & Pantagruel" I have. Not because it's "unfamiliar" or "forgotten" but just because it's embarrassing for a well-to-do white gentleman to discuss in a theatre. :)
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I want the wind to come rushing down the plain!
I want fairies on a string over the audience!
Spot-lights! Guilt! Hours upon hours of GUILT!
About my mother! About my father!
About brave women, suffering at the hands of infantile,
insensitive, dominating men!
And what do I get? A Potato-headed
jig-a-boo with Catholic
clothes on! Incomprehensible duck lips!
Weak bladders draining through
abnorminably large organs!
Jesus, HARRY! What the FUCK is going on here?
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Here is my H.Wentworh and S.B.Flexner once again
  jigaboo - n. [derog] A Negro.
From: Patrick Neve <>
  Emphasis on [derog].

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