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  In fact it's just a sodomized version of TINSEL TOWN REBELLION. The Blue Light. So check out N&C for this song first
De month o' NOVEMBUH, reekin' of tainted CO-LOG-NUM!
Dey booked in de heavy pseudo re-LIJ-mus talent
to pronunciate de doc-TRINE of BIBLICAL
  Read more about it in BROADWAY THE HARD WAY. N&C
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Les' face it, peoples! Ugly as I mights be, I AM YO' FUTCHUM!
'Les y'all prefer 'permanent storage' or a condo in
  Donovan reference. See 200 MOTELS. Dental Hygeine Dilemma for more clues.
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What on urf do you mean:
'MY LANGUAGE'? I got yo language hangin', boy,
'long wif a two-week supply of IGNINT
de breakfast o' champiums!
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  McNugget Buddies - tiny round charachters from McDonalds FastFood world. The complete set consists of 6 Buddies (McBoo, Monster, Mummy, McNuggla, Pumpkin, Witchie). And they really look LIKE A POTATO.
From: Patrick Neve <>
  I don't know from "McNugget Buddies", but I think this is in reference to McNuggets in general. A McDonalds fast food ploy from decades ago. Take the giblets and leftovers from a chicken, deep-fry that sucker, and voila!
  Chicken McNuggets. I'm not sure but I think this was successful enough to inspire McNuggets made from other animals as well. Regardless, you can have anything-mcnugget.. just take a little scrap of something, bread it and fry it, there ya go. What I think has been overlooked is that this actually a form of soul food for white people. Also in Zappa's use its reminiscent of doin' the dozens, or signifying, the history and practice of which is too elaborate a practice to be explored fully in this forum. Basically anything beginning with the words "Yo Mama..." can be seen as such a statement, and one could easily imagine a statement such as "You so dumb, yo' mama raised you on ignint mcnugget". Actually for more about signifying you should read the following Straight Dope archive:

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