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Trails and Tribulations of TTR Material

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  Trails and Tribulations of the Tinseltown's Music Material
From: (R. Takken)
  I have my *Torchum Volume 1* with me in college so I might as well recite you guys something out of that, along with my own opinions...
  This 3 record set was to be released in 1979. The material was recorded live at the New York Palladium (oct 1978) and at the Odeon Hammersmith in London (feb 1979). Some of the pieces can be found on Tinsel Town Rebellion, Shut up and Play... and on single (Ancient Armaments). A few parts of this record set were presented by FZ at Wpix Radio where he had a job as bogus DJ. Some songs of this triple album can be found on the 20 Years of FZ bootleg.
  Introduction, Dead girls of London, Suicide Chump, Streets'n roads (= SUAPYG), Thirteen (YCDTOSA), Magic Fingers, Ancient Armaments (single), Ms.X, Little House I Used To Live In, Deathless Horsie (SUAPYG), The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, For the Young Sophisticate (TTR), More Streets'n roads (=SUAPYGsome more), Conehead, Jumbo go away, Yo Mama (guitar solo), Bamboozled by love, I ain't got no heart, Easy Meat, The Dance Contest (TTR), Persona non Grata (= Canarsie ?), Duck Duck Goose (from Lather), Rubber Girl(YCDTOSA), Peaches III (TTR)
  I guess Easy Meat is a different version without David Logeman, as are the YAWYI tracks with Colaiuta. Logeman comes in in 1980, this is all live 78 and 79, so. I would especially be interested in an eventual official release of 'The Little House I Used to Live In' because it is the piano introduction, here played by Tommy Mars, Arthur Barrow and Vinnie Colaiuta. Shame this isn't on YCDTOSA :-( A cool addition would of course be a live 'Moe's Vacation' which is in the same vein as the latter.
  This lp was to be released in late 1980, after it was recorded in the summer of that year. Later Fine Girl and a different version of Easy Meat came out on Tinsel Town Rebellion while the rest was released on You Are What You Is.
  Doreen, Fine Girl, Easy Meat, Goblin Girl, Society Pages, I'm a Beautiful Guy, Beauty Knows No Pain, Charlie's enormous mouth, Any Downers, Conehead.
  Much less interesting if you figure the versions are (almost of course ;-) the same as on You Are What You Is. Easy Meat could be the same as on Warts and all, but it could as well be a complete David Logeman take. On Tinsel Town Easy Meat has been spliced: the first bit is with Logeman, the second is live with Colaiuta.
From: "Andrew Fignar Jr." <>
  Is not Doreen [as both Fine Girl and Easy Meat are] different too?
From: (Pat Buzby)
  Doreen and Society Pages, both of which were sped up slightly on YAWYI, appear at normal speed on CAB. Also, Doreen fades out about two minutes sooner on CAB, and Society Pages has some strange effects on the drum track. Conehead has (I believe) some extra syndrum stuff at the end. Easy Meat is entirely from the Tower Theatre in Philadelphia (4/29/80), meaning that the solo and conclusion are different from Tinseltown Rebellion. This has some nice trumpet and vocal overdubs from Bob Harris.
  Everything else on CAB is the same as the later releases, AFAIK.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  I also heard that Tinseltown Rebellion cover was in fact designed to be the cover of Crush All Boxes. No more old vinyl 'round to check it, but I believe someone claimed that you could discern erased Crush All.. title's letters under the new of Tinseltown Rebellion. Anyone here to confirm?
From: (Jon Naurin)
  It was Cal Schenkel who originally claimed it here, so I can't see any reason to doubt it.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Confirmed. It's quite discernable on the LP cover, and vaguely discernable on the horribly foreshrunken CD booklet art.
From: "Andrew Fignar Jr." <>
  I have a radio show where the DJ describes CAB cover, same as TTR, and CAL himself said here, and to me privately that yes CAB can be seen slightly on the binding of the LP's.
  This LP the DJ is describing may be the only copy of a cover of CAB. Even Cal thought all were changed! But I have it on tape for all to here! Somebody must have it?
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  BTW, after all this was put together I had long-distance call fron Calvin himself. And among the different things we discussed was TTR cover. He said that this unexpected affair started with his casual visit to Laurel Canyon and Frank sudden invitation to design the cover of I Don'T Want Get Drafted single.
  But I forget (yes, Cal told me!!!-(( was TTR cover pan on the We're Only In It cover or just unsuccesfull attempt to picture good old Mothers in America Drinks And Goes Home environment. Sorry:-((

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