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  Acknowledgement 10-Nov-1997
  Introduction I (Trails and Tribulations of TTR Material) 10-Nov-1997
  Introduction II (Japanese on Barking Pumpkin logo) 6-Mar-2000
1.   Fine Girl
2.   Easy Meat 10-Nov-1997
3.   For The Young Sophisticate 10-Nov-1997
4.   Love Of My Life
5.   I Ain't Got No Heart
6.   Panty Rap 15-Mar-1998
7.   Tell Me You Love Me
8.   Now You See It - Now You Don't
9.   Dance Contest
10.   The Blue Light 24-Mar-2001
11.   Tinsel Town Rebellion 5-Mar-1998
12.   Pick Me, I'm Clean 24-Dec-2000
13.   Bamboozled By Love 10-Nov-1997
14.   Brown Shoes Don't Make It 10-Nov-1997
15.   Peaches III 10-Nov-1997

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