Cruising For Burgers

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Cruising for burgers
In daddy's new car
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My phony freedom card
Brings to me
From: David Thomas <>
  It still is today [favorite South Californian pastime], among a certain age group. Teenagers old enough to drive (over 16 years of age), but not old enough to drink legally (possibly 18 years of age back then, 21 now) cruise around aimlessly, looking for entertainment of any sort. A fake ID card (forged, borrowed, or stolen identification which indicates that the holder is old enough to enter an establishment which serves alcohol, or to purchase alcohol) would provide an alternative to the endless cruising. That is the "phony freedom card".
  "Cruising for burgers" is itself a double-entendre. While teenage life in the automobile often centers around meeting friends at various drive-in hamburger places, it also centers around sex. "Cruising for burgers" literally means driving from one hamburger place to another, but it could also be interpreted as prowling for females. The fake ID card would enable the purchase of alcohol, which would greatly increase the probability of sexual encounters during the evening's excursions.

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