Uncle Meat Film Excerpt Part II

Notes and Comments

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  Italian teacher lecture kindly translated once again by
Francesco Gentile <>
And now dear friends
we are going to translate.
this is my left hand.
Repeat after me
Questa e' la mia mano destra THIS IS MY RIGHT HAND
Look out
Guardalo(1) che mangia LOOK AT HIM EATING
E mentre sta mangiando ... AND WHILE HE IS EATING ...
Parlami mentre mangi SPEAK TO ME WHILE YOU EAT
E chiedimi cosa sta facendo AND ASK ME WHAT IS HE DOING
Cosa sta facendo? WHAT IS HE DOING?
Sta mangiando! HE IS EATING!
Adesso chiedimi cosa sta facendo NOW ASK ME WHAT IS HE DOING
Sta mangiando! HE IS EATING!
Ma non lo posso fare, BUT I CAN'T DO IT,
Me ne devo andare I MUST GO
Devo tornare I MUST GO BACK
Era un senatore a 37 anni HE WAS A 37 YEARS OLD SENATOR
And this is my last single
Translator's Notes
(1) This is the only time the text refer to the masculine gender.
So I decided to use "HE" for the rest of the excerpt even if in the
remainder the gender is unknown (and the meaning of the text is
unknown too!). See also note 4 to TNMT.
Sometimes in this excerpt you can hear a voice repeating after MB
while eating. Exhilarating! Specially when he try to repeat "37 anni".
From: (Bill Lantz)
  Remember Roy Estradas' recitation of this from the Baby Snakes movie? (10/31/77 NYC Palladium) Conceptual Project-Object Continuity.

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