Luigi & The Wise Guys

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You're a dor-r-r-r-k
You are a
double-dork butt rash
  Well-known incovenience?-)
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You are a dork, dork, dork, dor-r-r-r-k!
Nobody wants to...

You are have nothing to say
You eat cheese -- you eat cheese and other things
You can can wrap up an' take with you
From the table
Luigi & The Wise Guys at the table
  Who they are? Some obscure band sung about Man From Pistoia?
  And this was the answer of Neil Slaven EDQ p.262
  " inconsistent a capella doo-wop parody that accused a crew member of being a dork..."
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We don't want to hurt your feelings
But you're a dor-r-r-r-k!
Might as well admit it
When you're a dork
You're a
dork all the way
  ...which is of course a parody of "The Jets Song" from West Side Story. To underline this reference, on the live version, somebody (probably Steve Vai) plays a snatch of the melody of "The Jets Song" immediately after this
From: David Bagsby <>
  I used to have a bootleg audience tape of Luigi & the Wise Guys that sounds like it was originally done like the Dangerous Kitchen (speech-sang). It segued into Truck Driver Divorce which was done the same way...Frank sort of half singing and the band making noises to follow him. I hope someday these prototype versions get released cause they are much funnier. On the tape I heard, when Zappa is a couple of verses into You Look Like a Dork, an irate audience member is clearly heard to exclaim "I'M GOING HOME!!!

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