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I don't do publicity balling for you anymore...
  This is a voice of Cheese, then being Pamela Zarubica
  "Kellgren was the guy who invented the Suzy Creamcheese line of dialogue on the album that ran 'I'm not going to do any publicity balling for you' - a line that Zappa discovered was missing the word 'balling' when MGM/Verve released the record"
Michael Gray, Mother! The Frank Zappa Story. p.93
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  Heh, interesting to note also, that as it seems right after this phrase was said Pam went with Frank and The Mothers to do a Rolls-Royce of publicity balling for FZ during group first European tour.
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Unbind your mind
There is no time
lick your stamps
And paste them in
From: Chris Boosalis <>
  Look, Frank had a habit of making fun of cheepnis -- truly cheap American culture. The stamps he's referring to are the S and H green stamps we used to receive from the gas stations and stores. The stamps were green and had a red S and H on them. We would then lick them, and paste them in these little S and H green stamp booklets, like amateur stamp collectors. After filling up about 5 - 5,000,000 books (each book held about 100 - 150 stamps) we would take them to the local S and H green stamp store, and BUY stuff with the books. For 30 books, you could get a cheap radio, and for 300 books, you could get a crappy ten-speed bike. It was an amazing marketing venture, held by the major oil and food companies here in the states: people would only go to the stores and buy gas from the places where they could "earn" a cheap premium (those stupid stamps, and that shitty merchandise).
  That is what he's peeing on, my friend, and not anything else.
And we will begin...
* WAH WAH! * Censored out on
* Flower Power sucks! * the original vinyl
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  From _Dictionary of American Slang_ H. Wentworth & S.B. Flexner
  boing boing-boing - exclam. An expression of apprectiation or acknowledgement of and toward a sexually attractive girl or young woman
  Is there any pan on the name of Boeing aircraft manufacturers?
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Bizarre. I think there's much too much being read into what is basically a nonsense sound. A spring makes the same sound. It does have a comical connotation of "popping a boner". I would state with nearly 100% certainty that it has nothing to do with Boeing.

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