Flower Punk

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Hey Punk, where you goin' with that
flower in your hand?
Hey Punk, where you goin' with that
flower in your hand?
Well, I'm goin' up to Frisco to join a
psychedelic band.
Hey Joe ( Jimi Hendrix version )


Hey, Joe, uh, where you going witn that gun in you hand?
Hey, Joe, I said, where you going witn that gun in you hand?
I'm going down to shot my old lady
You know, I caught her messin' around with another man, yeah.
From: (Luke Mitchell Seemann)
  I'm assuming that Flower punk came after [ Jimi Hendrix' ] Hey joe and is a righteous parody.
From: (Ulf Sundin)
  Flower Punk was released in 68, and Hendrix released Hey Joe in '67. However, Hey Joe is not a Hendrix tune. It was released sometimes earlier by a group I cannot remember at the time.
  Yes [ it's parody ], but if I remember it correctly, Flower Punk is a lot closer to the original version of Hey Joe than the much cooler Hendrix version.
  "Hey Joe" is credited to Billy Roberts on the Hendrix vinyl which (I think) came out in '67. Deep Purple covered it in '68. I don't have the Billy Roberts publishing date. I don't even know if he was a recording artist.
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  Some albums credit "Hey Joe" to Billy Roberts, and others credit it to Chet (or Chester) Powers. Chet Powers wrote "Get Together", which was recorded by the Youngbloods and countless other bands. Under his real name, Dino Valente, he released one solo album and was lead vocalist with the Quicksilver Messenger Service (when he wasn't in prison for possession of drugs).
  Does anyone know who Billy Roberts was? Who ripped off whom here?
From: Keith Roberts <>
  Somewhere I read once that Billy Roberts, Chet Powers, Jesse Oris Farrow, and Dino Valenti were all the same person. I don't know about Billy Roberts, for sure, but the other three names refer to the very same person, who was the lead singer for Quicksilver, when the lead singer sounded suspiciously like Johnny Rivers.
From: JP1soulair <>
  My father, Dino, wrote the tune. Billy Roberts couldn't write a grocery list and yes my dad wrote under the psuedonyms Dino Valenti, Chet Powers, and Jesse Oris Farrow, to avoid anyone else rippin' him off anymore, from other musicians to publishing assholes with no conscience.
From: dm144@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Jeffrey M. Gold)
  I think that the first group to record Hey Joe was The Leaves. Probably an early 1960's recording.
From: (palmer richard allen)
  Hey Joe, by the Leaves: charted July 1966 for 9 weeks, on Mira 222. (personally favor, as parodies/tributes, the duwops, as on Cruisin')
From: ep183@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Steve Roche)
  Jim Pons (ex-Mothers, ex-Turtles) was a member of a mid-60s band called the Leaves who had a minor hit called 'Hey Joe". Small world.
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Hey Punk, where you goin' with that
button on your shirt?
Hey Punk, where you goin' with that
button on your shirt?
I'm goin' to the
love-in to sit & play
my bongos in the dirt.
From: John Henley <>
  "Love-in": 1960s hippie happening wherein they sat around, got stoned, and let it all hang out, so to speak. [ Was there any fun in it? ] Sure, if you were stoned enough. Implication here is that that resultant bongo playing was just amateurish banging.
Album: Studio Tan
Song: The Adventure Of Greggery Peccary

Meanwhile, the enraged HUNCHMEN
(and HUNCH-'WOMEN) rumble
through the SHORT FOREST until
(realizing the little swine has
escaped, they decide to park their
steaming vehicles in a circular
pseudo wagon-train formation. . .
and have a love-in!
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(Just at this moment, the 2700
microgram dose of
STP ingested by
FLOWER PUNK shortly before the
  Once again the Dictionary of American Slang
  STP n. A synthetic drug ( 2-5 methoxy-4-methylamphetamine ) which in large doses, produces hallucinogenic effects of long duration. The initials properly stand for Serenity, Tranquillity and Peace. Was it really popular time wastin' substance then?
From: John Henley <>
  For a while, with some folks, but as I remember it was dangerous, leading to psychotic episodes. One of the first manifestations of the whole hippie thing going really sour.
  From David G. Walley No Commercial Potential pp.125-126
  "Anyone who depended on street dealers was taking his life in his hands - something touted as LSD could just as easy be combination of methedrine, stychnine, horse tranquilazer, or even STP, a governement-developed hallucinogen for chemical warfare that produced several hallucinations, paranoia, and depressionlasting up to three days."
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Golly, do I ever have a lot of soul?
I think I love you!
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  This is a line from "Wild Thing", a hit for the Troggs.
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Questi dominga?
From: Francesco Gentile <>
  ... "questi" is italian and means "these", "dominga" is not italian ( "domenica" is the italian for "sunday") but I think "domingo" is the spanish for "sunday". So "dominga" is a kind of mix!
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I could barely even play the
changes to this song on my, on
my guitar
But now
I'm very professional
I can play the guitar
  I'm professional. I can do everything.
  the basic expression of Jimmy Carl Black's character in 200 Motels movie
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I will say: "Hello Dolly!"
  Any link to old jazz standard?
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And I will walk
I will walk up to her and I
will smile at her
And I will impress her and I
will say: "Hello, baby,
What's a girl like you
doing in a place like this?
_Fillmore East_ album. _What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are_ song

What's s girl like you
Doin' in a place like this?

I left my place after midnight
And I came to this hall
From: (Sam &/or Karen Rouse)
  I don't think this is CC. "What's a girl like you" etc. is a standard, cliche pick-up line used to strike up conversation with a member of the opposite camp in a bar.

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