Who Needs The Peace Corps?

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What's there to live for?
Who needs the
Peace Corps?
From: John Henley <>
  The Peace Corps was a highly-touted "alternative service" program pitched to young folks who might not be ready to get a job immediately. It was introduced by Pres. Kennedy. Young college-age people were recruited to go to poorer, mostly "third world" countries, to help them with medical needs, school or road or sewer construction, teaching English, things like that. They lived with the folks for about two years, mostly in the "native" manner. The song is saying, "That's just more cop-out - forget it and be a hippie." Of course, it's _lampooning_ that idea, not preaching it.
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Think I'll just drop out
I'll go to Frisco
Buy a wig & sleep
  Was there really such inpatient guys that couldn't wait for they own hair to grow?
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Yes, but also with a wig they can easily remove it and be normal again. It's just a temporary fashion thing.
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On Owsley's floor
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  As far as I know Augustus Owsley was drop out chemist and famouse manufacturer of very pure and strong LSD. For more reference see Tom Wolfe _Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test_ book.
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How I like, how I like,
how I like, how I like Frisco
How I like, how I like,
how I like, how I like
Oh, my hairs getting
good in the back
You know, the thing on their neck.
As soon as the pony's manes
starts to get good in the back
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Where phony hippies meet
Psychedelic dungeons
Popping up every street
Go to
San Francisco
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I will ask the Chamber Of Commerce
How to get to
Haight Street
From: Charles Ulrich <>
  The center of the hippie movement was the Haight-Ashbury area of San Francisco, near the corner of Haight St. and Ashbury St.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  I found this info on one of the Russian cheesy world-news websites. The date was summer of 1997. Translation is mine.
  "Almost at the same time then Che Guevara CD will appear in the stores, in San Francisco will be sold at an auction the famous house in the Haight-Ashbury where Greatful Dead lived from 1965 to 1968. It's that same house in which Bob Weir and Ron McKernan was arrested during police 1967 anti-drug raid.
  The people who organized the auction show a lot of enthusiasm:
  - 710, Ashbury is the most famous address of the epoch! The place with real aura of Summer Of Love.
  Chet Helms, the manager of the another famous group of the epoch - Big Brother and the Holding Company - remembers:
  - In the old days the place was much more colourful and there was a lot more beds. By the way, I was often asked what was the mystery of Haight-Ashbury and the answer in fact is simple. Prices. They were really, really low here."
I will wonder around barefoot
I will have a psychedelic gleam in my eye all the time
I will love every one
* I will love the police as they kick the shit * Censored out on
* out of me on the streets * the original vinyl
From: (Kerry R. Field)
  The last line is _not_ censored on the original vinyl I have.
From: (Bill Madden)
  Mine is V6 5045X
  Okay, here is some more catalyst. Collectors will pay 3 times as much, up to $500 for a near mint copy of WOIIFTM that has the line:
  "I will love the police as they kick the shit out of me" deleted from the song "Who Needs the Peace Corps"
  This was a late edited version and went out as V6-5045 as well. My copy does not have this, and I have listened carefully.
From: (Biffyshrew)
  We seem to be talking about two different levels of censorship. I specified in my post that I was referring to the version of Money with no publicity "balling," no "flower power sucks," no "I still remember Mama with her apron and her pad, feeding all the boys at Ed's Cafe," etc. This is the first pressing, with the matrix number MGS-1250-REV. Zappa got all those sequences restored for the second pressing, which has the matrix number MGS-1250-REV-F. (Zappa explains the circumstances in The Real Frank Zappa Book.) So the CD is NOT the censored version in this sense. However, all vinyl editions have "Harry You're A Beast" and "Mother People" censored, and the new CD DOES repeat this censorship.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  There's the "very censored" version that is quite rare - I've never seen a vinyl copy of it. The restored CD is the "slightly censored" version, and is the same as every vinyl copy I have heard. I never liked that extra verse on Mother People anyway. The meter doesn't quite fit with it's counterpart earlier in the song. Two many syllables are squozen in. Plus you can find decent live bootlegs with Flo and Eddie singing the extra verse.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  OK, this is an official FAQ editor statetment :-) I have no vinyl too. All censored stuff I found comparing old Ryko CD with the tape that was made for me long time ago by Bill Madden. So see his comments above for the details of that very rare but REAL release.
I will sleep, I will go to a house
Where there's a rock'n'roll band
  Obviously FZ meant Greatful Dead once again.
And I will stay with them
And I will get the crabs
But I want care
* Because... * Edited out on
* the original vinyl

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