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Or even on a Monday at midnight
When there's just a few of them
Fabulous Poodles

  Another song another Poodle :-))
  Fabulous Poodles--The Fabulous Poodles (known for short as the Fab Poos) were a British new wave group who released several albums in the late '70s.
From: "Nugneant" <>
  Could refer to the hairstyle known as the "poodle haircut" or the "poodle-do". Hairstyle born and bred by hair-metal artists from the mid-70s until the advent of grunge in the early 90s. Examples: Poison, Motley Crue. Sported by ultra trendy "Poodle Rockers" in clubs who would dance the latest craze.
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Doin' the Peppermint Twist for real
From: (Jon Naurin)
  "Peppermint Twist" was a hit for the Sweet in the 70s?
  "Peppermint Twist"--Not by the Sweet! A hit in 1961-62 by Joey Dee & the Starliters. The title is inspired by both the Twist dance craze of the early '60s and New York City's Peppermint Lounge. Notice the conceptual continuity between the two trendy NYC dance clubs of different decades. Zappa's reference to "doing the Peppermint Twist for real" suggests an ironic gesture by the Mudd Club denizens who are being trendy and clever by looking to the past.
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In black sack dresses with nine inch heels
And then a guy with a
blue mohawk comes in
From: Bill Lantz <>
  It's a haircut where all the side hair is removed so you're left with a row down the middle. Mohawk Indians gave this style it's name inadvertantly.
  Patrick David Neve <> writes: You know what a mohawk is. It's the famous punk rock hairdo which is an extreme way of saying "just a little bit off the sides."
From: (Paul Hinrichs)
  Called a Mohawk because it sounded macho (rhymes with nacho) and cool, but Mohawk Indians never wore their hair in this fashion. Maybe the Iroquois , aka Algonquians, did - but real men would never get a haircut that had the letter "q" in it.
From: (Ross Alexander)
  Just to be a nitpicker, that hairstyle's properly termed a "roach". My ex-wife was a card carrying Mohawk and she was pretty insistant about the distinction.
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In Serious Leather...
From: Cliff Heller <>
  Leather had all kinds of underground connotations. See the movie "Cruisin" for a good portrayal of the culture of the New York Queer Leather scene.
  The term "Leather" almost automatically implied S&M, usually queer, so if you said "Serious Leather" it meant something, even as a joke.
  Read more about S&M folklore here THING-FISH. Mudd Club
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(And all the rest of whom for which
To whensonever of partially indeterminate
Bio-chemical degradation
Seek the path to sudsy yellow nozzle
Of their foaming nocturnal
Parametric digital whole-wheat inter-faith
Geothermal terpsichorean ejectamenta
From: Suzy <>
  What does" terpsichorean" mean?
From: Timothy Gillespie <>
  Of or relating to dancing; I believe Terpsichore was the muse of dance..? (this off te top of my head - I could be very wrong)
From: Linda R <
  You're right, Tim (good memory). According to Mr Webster it's defined as "adj., of or pertaining to dancing; n., A dancer)
From: "Bruce T. Hill" <bruceh@bruceh.West.Sun.COM>
  Zappa, as a fan of Igor Stravinsky, probably knew his composition "Apollon Musagete". It has a part named "Variation de Terpischore".
From: (Paul Hinrichs)
  Terpsichore is the muse of dance, it means it's related to dancing - though, with "ejectamenta" it might mean on a horizontal plane.
From: Cliff Heller <>
  Are you kidding? Let's translate the phrase, shall we:
- indeterminate Bio-Chemical degradation - refers to the effects of alcohol.
- The sudsy yellow nozzle hmm.. - I sense a pattern.
- foaming.. - yes ideedly.
- nocturnal - that means at night
- Parametric Digital... - uh... let's skip this bit.
- While-Wheat - made from grain, yes, but this more new-age spoofing.
- interfaith - everybody does it
- geo-thermal - warmed by the earth? Well maybe
- Terpsichorean - this is the Mudd Club. People are supposedly there to dance.
- Ejectamenta - this is the stuff. It's the stuff that squirts out of the nozzle. It's what people are seeking the path to. It's fucking beer!
From: Evil Bob <>
  In other words, the others got get a beer and then dance s'more.
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Then they work the wall
'N work the floor
'N work the pipe
  A lot was said about concerning the WALL and the FLOOR in Sheik Yerbouti and The Man From Utopia N&C's. But the PIPE still remaines the mystery. Anyone here to unveil?
From: Cliff Heller <>
  I think it's pretty simple actually. These clubs were usually transformed industrial spaces. It was not uncommon to have exposed pipes between the celing and floor. Someone who has actually BEEN to the Mudd Club can probably tell us if exposed pipes were a feature of the decor. Work the Pipe would then be the same as Work the Wall as in, cruise the people standing around it or leaning against it in order to get them to "fall for your line, take you home and feed you a box full of chicken delight"
From when they come downtown
From the ruins of Studio 54
From: Evil Bob <>
  Studio 54 was once The Hot Nite Spot in New York City. If you were hip enough to be somebody, you hung out at Studio 54.
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To twist 'n frugg
In an arrogant gesture
From: Patrick David Neve <>
  The Frugg was a dance. Like the twist or the camel-walk or the swim or any number of other colorful time-wasting trends.
  The Frugg was also mentioned in the B-52's song "Rock Lobster";
...everybody's frugging, they know all 16 dances.
From: (Jon Naurin)
  Not that it adds much of worth to the discussion, but the spring '80 band did actually rehearse "Rock Lobster", as part of a pop song medley.
From: (Phil Freshour)
  I stumbled across this nugget in The Real FZ Book: "The high point of the performance was Carl Franzoni, our 'go-go boy.' He was wearing ballet tights, frugging violently. Carl has testicles which are bigger than a breadbox. MUCH bigger than a breadbox. The looks on the faces of the Baptist teens experiencing their grandeur is a treasured memory."
- FZ, commenting on a Dallas, Texas, TV appearance in 1966.
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Al Malkin's down there now
Looking for a Virgin with nice breath...
  Check JOE's GARAGE N&C.

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