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  Acknowledgement 19-Nov-1997
  Introduction (An interesting bit of background on this album) 19-Nov-1997
1.   Teen-age Wind 19-Nov-1997
2.   Harder Than Your Husband 22-Aug-1998
3.   Doreen
4.   Goblin Girl 6-Mar-1998
5.   Theme From The 3rd Movement Of Sinister Footwear 4-Jul-2000
6.   Society Pages
7.   I'm A Beautiful Guy 19-Nov-1997
8.   Beauty Knows No Pain 19-Nov-1997
9.   Charlie's Enormous Mouth 19-Nov-1997
10.   Any Downers
11.   Conehead 19-Nov-1997
12.   You Are What You Is 30-Jul-2001
13.   Mudd Club 14-Jul-2001
14.   The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing 23-Dec-2000
15.   Dumb All Over 6-Mar-1998
16.   Heavenly Bank Account 19-Nov-1997
17.   Suicide Chump 19-Nov-1997
18.   Jumbo Go Away 4-Jan-1998
19.   If Only She Woulda 19-Nov-1997
20.   Drafted Again 19-Nov-1997

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