Dickie's Such An Asshole

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Bootleg(s) in which this version has appeared:
  • "Remington Electric Razor" (LP).
  DSAA is named "Tricky Dicky" on this bootleg and has the George Duke solo cut out.
  [Black Page zine]: front part is missing.
OK, hold your applause for one second
Alright, we can come up and do another encore
Provided everybody provides with the liquor laws
So, pass any glasses that are on the table
To the end of the isle
And Mario 'll let us do another encore
So just, anybody with a glass:
Don't give the waitress a hard time
Just pass the glasses to the end of the isle
So the poss boys and waitresses can get it
And don't say it's the last sip
OK, and once again:
Frank Zappa and The Mothers Of Invention!
  This is a voice of Marty Perellis! Woow. See liner notes.
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You know, there'll be a cable all under your bed
Well, if you just might
break some wind in your slumber
The FBI is gonna get your number
  Obviously little exusable fart
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You missed your girl out there...
Lemme tell ya...
I love this man, I work for this man
But this show has like pushed me
Beyond the brink of what I can physically...withstand
My hands are...
I mean, look at these calices
Jesus Christ!
I've had a hard tour
Jesus, we had the...
roadmanager committed suicide
From: "Fred H. Banta" (
  The attitude expressed in "Suicide Chump" is obnoxious, but this may very well have been his attitude toward suicides. Who knows, perhaps I would find it less revolting if I were in FZ's shoes in 1977-78(?) when his tour manager ripped off all the band's loot, went to a casino, pissed away the whole lot, came back to his hotel room and killed himself to atone for his sins.
From: Patrick Neve (
  Wow, so it's true? What's the story? All this time I thought Terry was making it up as he went along when in Baby Snakes (also just before "Hands With A Hammer") he says that the road manager had committed suicide on that tour. (The cut is from oct. 31 '77). Did his girlfriend (Dale) ever fall out of a window on that tour as well? I always assumed it was just a put-on for the camera's sake, a little bit of pre-concert hamming. If that's what it was, and his claims were based in fact, then it shows a definite amount of insensitivity, both on Terry's part for joking about it, and on FZ's for releasing it in two formats. I don't suppose Frank had much sympathy for the guy, in any event. So, how did he do it? What was his name? etc.
From: "Fred H. Banta" (
  Phil Kaufman, the legendary Human Trombone:
  "I had just finished a tour with Emmylou when I got a call from a friend of Eddie Tickner who had something to do with the Zappa management firm. Zappa's road manager, Ron Nihota, had committed suicide.
  The story is that Ron had spent $10,000 of the tour money on drugs and gambling during the first night of a tour. He had done a lot of coke which was a no-no in Zappa's band... Anyway, Ron had cut his armpits, the souls of his feet, and his crotch. He was bleeding badly, Zappa had a fellow named Pancho who was a bag-man -- not the Vegas-type bagman, but he went out and did the luggage... He had come around and heard someone moaning inside the room. John Smothers was standing with him... John was a big, big, black guy with a bald head. He was very intimidating. (He owned a limosine company in Baltimore). Pancho and John knocked on the door but couldn't get any response, so they got a maid to open the door. There was a stream of blood from the bathroom all the way to the door. Ron was lying there moaning, and John said, "Say there, Pancho, you better get some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation there." Pancho replied, "Man he don't need air, he needs blood."
  So I got a call from Zappa's manager, Bennett Glotzer, in June of 1977, asking if I could come that night to Arizona to take over the tour. I said I could make it the next day. They flew me to Baton Rouge where I met Frank. I was handed a briefcase with blood-stained accounts and road gear in it, all of which I had to sort through to get the tour on the road."

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