Hands With A Hammer (Bozzio)

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  See comments to what looks like an intro but goes like the ending of previous number Dickie's Such An Asshole
From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Bootleg(s) in which these versions (until 2:24 in ZA) have appeared:
  • "The Eyes Of Osaka" (2 CD)
  • "Strange Habits" (2 CD).
  These two bootlegs have a different cover but are identical. That band used the drum solo in HWAH as an intro to ZA, in this version, according to [BP], is shortened. Also, HWAH and the first part of ZA come from Osaka (Febraury 3, 1976 (source: affz, Pat Buzby)), not from Tokio. Lastly, according to [BP], part two of ZA (from 2:24) has been recorded on May 30, 1982.
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From: (Tan Mitsugu)
  At 1:11, during Terry's drum solo, you can hear someone (maybe Roy Estrada) shouting, something like 'Kinishinai!'. It is a Japanese word which means 'don't worry about it', although Roy's intonation is far different from ordinary Japanese, no Japanese considered it as 'our language'. Interesting that the same word is also heard on the outro of 'Dancin' Fool' (the background vocal of FZ chating).
  Source: 'ZAPPA!' (1992 Guitar & Keyboard Player special issue, p.87).

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