Mozart Ballet - Piano Sonata in B flat (Mozart)

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  Liner notes
  Before being banned from the Royal Albert Hall for purportedly naughty lyrics, we played there twice. This was from the second appearance. Noel Redding (then bassist for Jimi Hendrix) was hanging out backstage. We invited him to participate in our ballet extravaganza. This involved him being picked up by our roadie (Kanzus) and collided violently with Motorhead Sherwood. Dick Barber, our road manager, made an appearance with a rubber chicken (pre-rigged with it's little belly full of brown ale and shaving foam). After announcing his deep feelings about the species, he vocalized a few of his special snorks and strangled it, causing the grotesque stew within to splorch all over the hallowed stage.
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FZ: While the well disciplined Ian Underwood plays
selected fragments from
Mozarts Piano Sonata In B-flat
and we make electric noises, some members
of our rocking teen combo will hop around on stage
in a grotesque parody
of the art of ballet dancing.
From: Vladimir Sovetov <>
  BTW, "Ian Underwood ... was a bachelor of music from Yale with a Masters degree from Berkeley, a pianist whose speciality was Mozart..."
  M.Gray, Mother!,p.89

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