Where's Our Equipment?

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  Liner notes
  On the Scandinavian portion of our first Euro tour, several disasters occurred. On a side trip to Rome to visit the set of "Barbarella" (Roger Vadim was considering part of the FREAK OUT! album for the sound track), I made the error of drinking a minute amount of Italian tap water. By the time I had rejoined the tour in Stockholm I was stricken with a severe case of gastro-entritis. The following day we were scheduled to make our first appearance in Copenhagen. The truck with all of our gear was delayed in a snow storm, forcing us to make our Danish debut as a "semi-acoustic" combo, with just a few amps borrowed from John Mayall. This tape was made by a Danish radio journalist who was following us around. (This bit was recorded in the dressing room, with his mic near the monitor speaker which allows waiting performers to hear what's happening on stage.)
From: Mitsugu)
  I guess it is from the same concert as 'Ian Underwood Whips It Out' on Uncle Meat. Then, the unknown record engineer can be suspected as 'Mike' (see UM liner notes). (All above is guess work. Who confirms it?).
From: Dave Lane
  I noticed something strange about "Where's Our Equipment?" from disk 1 of YCDTOSA Vol 5. The notes for the track say the it's a mono recording from 1967, yet there seems to be some sort of stereo effect on playback, and if you switch your amp to mono, the sound almost completely goes away. Check it out. I can't recall if it was Bob or Spencer who did the remix, but perhaps one or both of them could comment. Was there some sort of weird stereo synthesis applied to this recording?
From: Bob Stone (
  The 'mono' track was processed through a cheesy Orban stereo synthesizer we had in the studio, as I recall, with a combination of setero reverb effects from the Lexicons and live chambers. The 'main' signal is indeed 'out of phase' in the convention sense. It should have a more interesting effect when listening through headphones because of the 'phase' relationship with respect to the reverb. UMRK product has been noted before as failing to follow conventionalism.

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