Make A Sex Noise

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From: Francesco Gentile <>
  Wrong date and location on the booklet: it was performed in Binghamton on March 17, 1988 (source: affz, see below).
Now, I'm not sure that each and everyone
of these contestants is truly Irish
in the biblical sense of the word,
but I think we have to give them
credit for coming up here and representing
the Irish people in Binghamton tonight.
Especially when you realize that that's
about the only form of
safe sex left in America.
From: (John Walsh)
  Make A Sex Noise - FZ says something near the end about finding sexy people in Binghamton or something like that. So could this be from Binghamton rather than Towson?
From: (Pat Buzby)
  Yeah, the date for this recording is also wrong. On the liner notes the date is 23-March-88 but he makes references to it being St. Paddy's day (17-March every year) when he invites women of irish extraction to make a sex noise on stage. I presume this makes the date for the other song on the cd with the same date wrong as well.

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