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  Acknowledgement 6-May-1998
1.   Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath 7-May-1998
2.   The Poodle Lecture 9-May-1998
3.   Dirty Love 7-May-1998
4.   Magic Fingers 7-May-1998
5.   The Madison Panty-Sniffing Festival 9-May-1998
6.   Honey, Don't You Want A Man Like Me?
7.   Farther O'Blivion 7-May-1998
8.   Is This Guy Kidding Or What? 9-May-1998
9.   I'm So Cute 9-May-1998
10.   White Person 7-May-1998
11.   Lonely Person Devices 7-May-1998
12.   Pinky 8-May-1998
13.   Shove It Right In
14.   Wind Up Working In A Gas Station 9-May-1998
15.   Make A Sex Noise 9-May-1998
16.   Tracy Is A Snob 9-May-1998
17.   I Have Been In You 9-May-1998
18.   Emperor Of Ohio 9-May-1998
19.   Dinah-Moe Humm 8-May-1998
20.   He's So Gay
21.   Camarillo Brillo
22.   Muffin Man
23.   NYC Halloween Audience 24-Dec-2000
24.   The Illinois Enema Bandit 9-May-1998
25.   Thirteen (Zappa/Shankar) 9-May-1998
26.   Lobster Girl (O'Hearn/Colaiuta/Zappa) 9-May-1998
27.   Black Napkins 9-May-1998
28.   We're Turning Again 9-May-1998
29.   Alien Orifice 9-May-1998
30.   Catholic Girls 9-May-1998
31.   Crew Slut 9-May-1998
32.   Tryin' To Grow A Chin 9-May-1998
33.   Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance 9-May-1998
34.   Lisa's Life Story (Zappa/Popeil) 9-May-1998
35.   Lonesome Cowboy Nando 9-May-1998
36.   200 Motels Finale
37.   Strictly Genteel 9-May-1998

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