Strictly Genteel

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Some Crazed Fan: ZAPPAAAA!
From: Ken Mistove (
  There were 2 shows that night. If I'm not mistaken, parts of the first (the show I attended) were used in the "Dub Room Special" video. The second show was broadcast on MTV. If I remember (were talking 15 years ago) MTV did not show all of the encores. I seem to remember it ending with "Strictly Genteel"
  On a side note - The version of "Strictly Genteel" from 10/31/81 that appears on YCDTOSA 6 is to the best of my knowledge, from the first show. Some jerk threw an egg at the stage towards Frank. If you listen to the band introduction at the end of the song, Frank mentions something about "not throwing things on stage". I distinctly remember him saying that at the show I was at (I also witnessed the egg throwing). After all the encores were complete, he asked for the jerk to turn him/her self in. Apparently security knew who did it. Can anyone add to this or know differently?

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