Thirteen (Zappa/Shankar)

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Now this little, this little number is in thirteen,
it's subdivided 5/8 and 4/4 if you wanna clap your hands.
12-123-1234 12-123-1234 12-123-1234 12-123-1234
Pretty Good.
  Intro and violin solo from October 27, 1978 (second show), guitar solo from October 31.
From: overcooked
  Has anybody noticed that on thirteen, ycdtosa#6, Shankar's solo has some very similar parts to a previously released live album "Shakti" by john mclaughlin? I think the song is "Joy".
  And also an interesting Barrowian thread culminating with a note on this track:
From: Arthur Barrow <>
  Though Logeman was not nearly as technically amazing as Vinnie, his more straight ahead approach gave me more room to play.
From: Jon Naurin
  And, I would like to add, was this vamp rehearsed before the 1978/79 tours, or was it something that FZ came up with during the studio sessions for "Joe's Garage"? It would be interesting to hear how you would handle that 22/16,15/16 (or whatever) thing live, considering the brilliance with which the 13 and 21 vamp were treated.
From: Arthur Barrow <>
  Yeh, it certainly did take some concentration! The 5 mintute vamp for the solo was actually something brand new for the Joe's sessions, though at least one of the verse vamps had been played before in rehearsal a little. I came up with the bass part in the studio and we played it only once or twice before recording it.
  By the way, Frank made up the 13 vamp just before going on stage that night in NY with Shankar.

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