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Biffy's lecture on

_Zoot Allures_ as the remnant of a Double LP


_The Night Of The Iron Sausage_
From: (Biffyshrew)
  By request, here's the track listing for the original double-LP version of Zoot Allures. I am copying this from Zappalog, but the info may have originated with the article in the 10/12/76 issue of Circus magazine that goes through the test pressing played for them by FZ track by track ("Zappa's 'Zoot Allures'!: DiscReet Charm From Un-Bourgeois Z"). If we assume the tracks are the same as eventually released, some of the LP sides would be ridiculously short, so either this test pressing had longer versions of some tracks, or the Circus article missed some titles--since they specify that side two contains only "two extended cuts," apparently it's the former. Some of the titles in the Circus article are different from the final titles; I'll give the Circus versions in brackets.
Side 1:
Disco Boy
Friendly Little Finger ["Friendly Little Fingers"]
Wonderful Wino ["Wino Song"]
Night Of The Iron Sausage

Side 2:
Sleep Dirt
Zoot Allures

Side 3:
Ms. Pinky ["Pinky"]
Filthy Habits
Find Her Finer ["Finder Finer"]

Side 4:
Black Napkins
The Torture Never Stops
  I don't know what "Night Of The Iron Sausage" is. The Circus article says: "Zappa won't reveal the story behind 'Night Of The Iron Sausage,' saying only that 'it's a real long story.' The song was originally a set item from a past tour, but on the new album it's slimmed down to a basic guitar solo. 'Let that be the title of mystery,' Zappa offers." Later FZ shaved Zoot Allures down to a single LP, but with a different track order than was eventually released. Zappalog lists this track listing, and states that not only do test pressings of this version exist, but some copies of the released LP (at least in Germany) show this track order on the cover, although the actual disc has the normal song sequence.
From: (PatBoie) wrote:
  What about "Wind Up Working in a Gas Station"
From: (Biffyshrew)
  I can only guess that it was a last-minute addition, since it doesn't appear on either of the early test pressings.
  Meanwhile, Brian Zavitz, who is a friggin' genius [even if he still persists in trying to prove me wrong about Lather ;-) ] has suggested to me in an e-mail that perhaps the reason side two of the double-LP test pressing version of Zoot Allures seems so short is that "Sleep Dirt" could have been followed by "The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution," as it is on the Sleep Dirt LP, and this song simply didn't get listed. He's right, although perhaps not quite in the way he thought. It's clear from the original Circus article that the "title cut" of Zoot Allures that they refer to is NOT the song we now know by that title, but is actually "The Ocean Is The Ultimate Solution." Here's the complete paragraph:
  "The second side of Zoot Allures is comprised of two extended cuts with minimal lyrics. The first is "Sleep Dirt," a basically acoustic cut that finds Birdlegs Humans [sic] trading licks with Zappa. The title cut follows, an instrumental that began as a jam between Frank on a 12-string and Terry on drums. Patrick O'Hearn later overdubbed bass tracks, and much later Zappa added a guitar solo played through a Pignose amp." The bit about "minimal lyrics" must refer to the spoken dialogue between FZ and Birdlegs Youmans--not what I would call lyrics. Another correspondent claimed that the mysterious "Night Of The Iron Sausage" was just another title for "The Torture Never Stops." Since the Zoot Allures test pressing with "Sausage" ALSO includes "Torture," this is extremely unlikely. Besides, the Circus article specifies that "Sausage" is a guitar solo. Perhaps "Sausage" is a solo extracted from a live version of "Torture" (a possibility also suggested by Brian Z.), or perhaps the reference to "the night of the iron sausage" in the lyrics of "Torture" is just another instance of conceptual continuity.
From: (Konrad)
  Then could this mean that Night of the Iron Sausage is Time is Money? This would put it in the same "sequence" since it is the cut that precedes Sleep Dirt (or maybe i'm just too used to not flipping my CDs), and it would make up for its absence on any other lp. (AND it would make it easier to make a tape reconstruction of the planned ZA. )

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