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  This another piece from what I believe is New Music Express, 1977 interview
  'Disco Boy' came about because we were in Denmark and we went to the place there called The Disc Club, and it was really poot. It was so make-believe sophisticated that it was embarassing. The place was decorated like a playboy-type living room would sorta be like - lowboy chairs and snackettes on the table, and everybody drinks and dances to these robots beat records, which I happen to like you know. I'm very fond of monotony. I think it's an integral part of contemporary civilisation and once you adapt to it you're better in phase with reality. I think that it's probably one of the funnier commentaries on the disco syndrome"
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Disco boy, do the bump every night, 'til the disco girl
who's really right, gonna fall for your line,
and feed you a box
full of chicken delight.
From: (Cliff Heller)
  Chicken Delight was a fried chicken fast foodery, similar to Kentucky Fried. I can't explain it, but the above lyrical excerpt really captures the 70's.
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A disco drink, a disco wink,
you never go duty that's what you think.
You never go duty that's what you think.
You never go duty that's what you think.

Duty. Go duty!
From: (Cliff Heller)
  You never go doody. Children's slang for shit. I always thought that lyric was on the stupid side.
From: (Martin Gregorie)
  Slang round here used to say 'A girl like that don't shit' if she was really a cracker. Maybe this explains the 'never go doody' reference?
From: C. Gordon Keeble [gordo] (
  Yeah, it's something like saying "You think your shit don't stink."
From: Evil Bob <>
  But there is yet LOTS more in the folklore of doody. Lots of American males between 8 and 50 truly enjoy a certain amount of "bathroom and otherwise gutter humor" and find it extremely hilarious (myself included). Things like sitting around talking about tremendous shits you have had (or found in restrooms), farts of Blessed Memory, times you had to take a dump real bad and almost didn't make it (i.e. you nearly had a "brown-out" as in Pound For A Brown); stuff like that. Anyway, in almost 100% of females of similar age this sort of humor is highly unappreciated - you have to go "out with the guys" to find sympathetic ears - this is why it usually becomes "a guy thing". Most women act as if they don't even have a butthole, much less periodically extrude waste materials through it. This ties in with Broken Hearts Are For Assholes. Evidently Frank shared at least some affinity with this kind of "gutter humor" as references of this nature abound in Frank's music - a good example is the line "Don't let your meat loaf - heh heh heh" from The Blue Light (Tinseltown Rebellion). Oh and by the way, it's DOODY, not "Duty".
From: Paul Adel <>
  Never go doody, thats what you think - a reflection on disco boys self image, i.e. he thinks he so clean, polished, sexy that he denies association with bodily functions. Note also that in Japan, women's rest rooms are equipped with noise machines that mask the sound of bodily functions because of sensitivity about self image.
From: Vladimir Sovetov
  Compare with THING-FISH. Crab-Grass Baby
CRAB-GRASS BABY: I pooped my pants, pooped my pants, pooped my pants! I went doody, faaather, sob-sob-sob-sob-sob.

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