Ms. Pinky

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P-I-N (I cry)
K-Y (don't be shy)
From: Marek Strzelecki <>
  Maybe it's just my imagination or Frank really meant that, but when it comes to the refrain I'd swear that K-Y is not just ordinary spelling, but for me it's a clear link with K-Y Jelly, a vagina lubricant made by Johnson&Johnson. Well - what do you think?
  Yes, I've always thought that the reference to KY Jelly in that song was intentional.
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Sixty-nine, ninety-five, boy!
Give her a try!
  FZ comment to the song. From (I'm not sure but it seems that it's so:-))) New Musical Express, March 5, 1977 'OK Frank - Let It Roll... The Frank Zzzzzzzzappa Snore In". As cited (without credits:-))) by Miles. 'Visual Documentary' p.70
  "Ms.Pinky is a song about lonely person device. We have this fan in Finland called Eric and every time we come to Finland, he's there with his shopping bag. I think he works in a Volvo factory. One time he showed up with presents; candy and his favorite Finnish pornographic magazine. A pablication called 'Kille'. Had the worst picture you've ever seen.
  And then they had ads for lonely person devises. There was an ad for Pinky. It was head with its mouth wide open and its eyes shut and a short haircut. And I thought : Hmmmmm, anyone who's gonna buy a plastic head to give himself a gum job is Right Out There.
  By the time we got to Amsterdam I sent Smothers out to buy one, to use on stage. Sure enough, for $69.95 he came back with Ms.Pinky. It was even worst than I had imagined. Not only is it head, but it's the size of a child's head. The throat is sponge rubber and it's got the vibrator in it with battery pack and a two-speed motor. Sticking out of its neck is a nozzle with a squeezebulb that makes the throat contract"

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